The Final Fantasy VI Masterline Terra Figure costs more than half a million pesos

The Final Fantasy VI Masterline Terra figure, which was first revealed late last year, wowed fans with its exquisite attention to detail.


The item is now available for pre-order in the Philippines. Amounting to Php 600,000 per piece for the 1/6 scale.



This newest release features Terra Branford, a mysterious girl with magical abilities, and Magitek Armor, a weapon created by fusing magic and machine technology. Terra’s incredible strength and mystical beauty as she marches towards her destiny, are fully realized in the fine details of the sculpt and paint.

Along with the main body part included is an alternate upper body part, which allows for a variety of expressions. The distinct form of the Magitek Armor has also been faithfully reproduced. The intricate mechanical details and distinctions in luster have been uncompromisingly reflected, giving it a convincing and unquestionable presence as a three-dimensional sculpture.


This statue depicts protagonist Terra Branford atop a Magitek Armor while wielding her sword, which is arguably the most iconic image from Final Fantasy VI. A Moogle on the right side completes the look.


Yoshitaka Amano, the franchise's original character artist, oversaw the project, which used illustrated key art from the game to ensure a screen-accurate re-creation. Take a look at this video showcasing the design.

There are only 600 units made in total. You can now grab one of these and pre-order at the BigBadToyStore.
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