The First All-Filipino made Fighting Game BAYANI is coming to Kickstarter!

BAYANI – The first All-Filipino made fighting game that is heavily inspired by the Philippines’ rich history, culture, and mythology will be out on Steam Early Access on the 1st Quarter of 2019! Likewise, our Kickstarter campaign will LAUNCH on Nov 28,2018! All backers will receive a demo copy of the game as a Christmas Gift from us before the Early Access comes out in Q1 2019! With your help WE can make this game even better!

BAYANI is a fast-paced, 1-on-1, indie fighting game made by an all Filipino development team and it draws heavily from the Philippines’ rich and colorful history, culture, and mythology. The game features a combination of 2D fighting gameplay and full 3D graphics that modern fighting game players will be familiar with.

BAYANI [3 syll. ba-ya-ni] is the Filipino term for Hero--someone who is admired for their outstanding qualities, valor, and noble qualities. It is also related to the Filipino word, Bayanihan, which is the Filipino spirit for camaraderie and community spirit. The title Bayani is given to notable individuals who have impacted the history of the country in a meaningful way.

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During the game’s initial launch, BAYANI will have 8 playable characters that are all inspired by real-life historical figures that have had significant impact in the country’s history. More characters can be added at a later date via updates and DLCs.