The First Crossover between LIFEAFTER x ATTACK ON TITAN Starts Today, Armored Titan Arrives in Doomsday World

The first crossover event between the Open World Doomsday Survival Game published by NetEase Games and the popular animation has officially begun today (September 15, 2022) and will end on September 29!


The event offers special crossover gameplay and more than 90 faithfully recreated crossover items including the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment. Meanwhile, there are multiple bonus events underway on LifeAfter official Facebook page. Don't miss out!

LifeAfter, having nearly 200 million downloads worldwide, created a dangerous open world, with realistic seasonal changes, ferocious Infected and a dire survival situation. Players need to exploit all available resources and work hard with other survivors just to live to see another day! With its convincing rendition of a doomsday world, LifeAfter was listed in Google Play's Best Competitive mobile games in 2019!

New Stage: Armored Titan Attacks Camp

In the crossover Stage, a new boss—Armored Titan—appears just outside the Camp. It roars and summons Infected to invade the Camp. Players need to form a 4-player squad and fend them off, and defeat Armored Titan in 20 minutes and protect the supply box in Downtown.

Infected will attack the Camp in rounds, requiring players to clear one by one. As the number of Infected grows, players have to retreat to Downtown and close the gate. But Armored Titan will charge at the defense and try to break in with its mighty strength, kicking off the Downtown showdown! Mind that the Armored Titan has an Armor Protection mechanic that requires players to bring down its defensive stance by Howitzer or Bazooka and keep dealing damage to defeat it and win the stage!

It should be noted that it takes a while to respawn at a designated spot after a player is defeated. If all four players in the squad are killed within the respawn time, the challenge fails. Players can challenge the Stage any number of times every day, and it will be matched and ranked according to different difficulty levels (but the clearance reward will be claimed once per day). The exciting Stage is right at your door. Summon your friends and challenge it now!

Over 90 Crossover Items to Enrich Doomsday Survival Experience

In addition to the tense and exciting crossover gameplay, there will be more than 90 ATTACK ON TITAN crossover items to bump up the doomsday experience! For skins, we have Outfits of Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Historia Reiss , and original ATTACK ON TITAN themed Outfits, Hoodies and T-shirts. And for player's best pal, the dog, there will be 3 ATTACK ON TITAN themed Pet Outfits.

In addition, new Appearances of vehicles, weapons and drones will also bring a new touch to players' doomsday survival gear. The "omni-directional mobility gear " wielded by human soldiers in ATTACK ON TITAN will take the air combat experience up a notch. Moreover, themed chairs, beds, carpets, tables, and wallpapers will be there for you to decorate your Manor... If you want to experience more of the collision between ATTACK ON TITAN and the doomsday world, please check it out in the game!

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