The God of HighSchool for Asia gets official launch date in selected regions

MY PLAY FOR ASIA PTE. LTD. announces their new RPG title The God of HighSchool for Asia. An official launch date for the game has been announced as well. The game will be released for both Android and iOS in the Southeast Asian regions, including The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and more.

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Based in the world of the popular Webtoon series The God of Highschool, players can expect exciting adventures and missions in the game version of the series. As it now has a Korean Server available, the same features will be offered to the SEA servers.

Players will not have a hard time with the game since the developers incorporated basic controls and an easy-to-understand player progression system, which will allow players to upgrade their chosen characters without much complexity.

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The developers also announced that the game will have a unified server approach. Through this, it will allow players from all the servers to compete against each other to rank high on the leaderboards by winning against another player from another country in the PvP battles. Players will also enjoy the game’s in-depth character customization as various growth systems like Evolve, Rebirth, Crafting, Transcend, and Greed are available.


The Best Cartoon-like RPG to Conquer 2023!
Become the champion of the G.O.H tournament and make your wish come true!

Experience the captivating world, thrilling adventures, the joy of collecting, dynamic action,
strategic and tactical gameplay using attributes, and a convenient idle system in this latest RPG of 2023!

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[Game Introduction]
‘The God of Highschool’ is one of Korea's mega-hit webtoon series with over 5.4 billion cumulative views worldwide. Enjoy the perfectly adapted original webtoon story within the game and meet numerous captivating characters!

As we launch the service in the SEA region, we offer the same benefits to all new users as the Korean server.

Supporting Growth Buff until reaching 150 Level!
Supporting top-tier characters and equipment!
More rewards including Special, Carnival, and Selective Summons!

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Key Features

Easy and Fast Growth
  • Through the Loop function, selected characters are automatically arranged and reach MAX level. Upon achieving MAX level, unlimited gold and soulstones will be provided.
Unified Server Contents
  • All participants from different servers compete in PvP and World Raid battles. Various rewards and benefits are given to users or guilds ranked at the top.
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Infinite Growth System
  • Grow your own unique character with various growth systems such as Evolve, Rebirth, Crafting, Transcend, and Greed.
Original Webtoon Realization!
  • Experience gameplay closest to the original ‘God of Highschool’ webtoon through scenarios, content, and characters!
The God of HighSchool for Asia can now be accessed by interested players of the mentioned regions through Google Play and Apple Store.