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Jul 16, 2021
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Jan Chris Arao Gile
Hi there! I just thought of an interesting concept to add in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Hope you read this.

Players are always looking for something exciting and something new, especially in the hit game MLBB. Nowadays, players have just been only anticipating the new skin releases, or new heroes and revamps. But what if we can make the game a whole lot more engaging, exciting and revolutionizing that would also boost the team playing cooperation. The Guardians concept is a complex strategy in late game. Each team will both have the chance to have their own "LORD" in the late game, namely "The Sanctuary Lord" and "The Spirit Guardian" - The sanctuary lord remains as the most powerful among the monster and can be slain by the team with the upper hand in the battle, while the Spirit Guardian is a monster second only to the Sanctuary Lord - this cannot be slain by the team who has slain the sanctuary lord - meaning the other team can summon this to boost their chances of winning. The most exciting part is that in the late game, the Guardian Concept will be invoked and one of the players in each team may have the power to summon the Sanctuary Lord and Spirit Guardian anywhere in the middle distance may it be on the middle gold lane, bottom lane or middle distance between each bases in the middle lane. To acquire the summoning power, each player must vote to whomever must have the summoning power. Out of the 5 players, a majority vote is required. In cases of equal or no vote, the player who slain the supreme monsters will have the summoning ability. The player who has the arrival spell has the advantage of the summoning power. Both the Sanctuary Lord and the Spirit Guardian can only be summoned at the third (3) turret distance. If the player with the summoning power engages with the enemy or the enemy minion or turret, the enemy can see that player in the map right? When the player with the summoning power appears on the enemy map, the summoner has an indicator (with flashing red light perhaps) and if slain - the power to summon will be transferred to the player with the highest score on the team (or maybe they can vote again?) Note: The summoning power will be effective for 30 seconds only. After that, the supreme monsters will automatically spawn from the base. This is all about strategy and cooperation. The winner of the battle will be decided if both teams summon their powerful monsters. Do they have what it takes to strategize within the 30 seconds? This concept will surely add new taste and awesome game experience to the player in a new level!

This concept is open for suggestions and modifications.

By: Jan Chris A. Gile