The International 10 in Dota 2 will take place in August, with a $40 million at stake

Dota 2 creator Valve revealed on the game's website, "Let it be known – the Aegis of Champions is in effect once more." To put it another way, the largest event on the Dota 2 calendar, The International, is returning late this summer, and the prize pool for this year's tournament is a staggering $40 million.

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In a blog post, the studio explained, "After a pause necessitated by world affairs, we're pleased to formally announce that The International 10 will take place this August in Stockholm, Sweden." The International 10 will begin with a group stage from August 5 to 8, followed by the main event from August 10 to 15, and finally, the grand finals, where the last teams remaining will compete for the TI10 title and a share of a $40,018,195 prize pool.


Valve hasn't yet detailed preparations for how the competition will be conducted for spectators, although there are already a lot of unknowns around physical activities due to the current global pandemic. However, the studio plans to send fans an idea by the end of next month, and says its "emphasis remains on exploring ways to stage a high-quality tournament in the safest way possible."

However, the studio has given us an idea of what in-game experiences fans might expect in the lead-up to TI10 – and it seems that this year's upcoming content will be a little different, with the TI combat pass not releasing all at once. “To begin, we'll be shipping two different events over the coming months, rather than one overall summer event,” Valve says, the first of which will be released in “mid-to-late June” and the second after The International concludes.


Supporter's Club is also introduced to the MOBA title in the blog post. This update, which many believe will replace this year's Battle Pass, allows players to buy team bundles that allow them to access team-specific content in-game. Custom voice lines, custom squad sprays, emoticons, and loading screens are among them. To earn varying tiers of prizes, players can purchase the Bronze, Silver, or Gold rank. The squad receives 50% of the proceeds from each Supporter Club bundle.

Valve will also continue to experiment with how content is delivered to Dota 2, similar to how Diretide, the New Player Update, and various seasonal content drops for Dota Plus were released. This trend will persist during the summer, as Valve will host two different events rather than the single one that many players have become accustomed to. To begin, the first new event will debut in mid-to-late June, with the second following after TI10.

Since the TI10 prize pool is carried on from last year's TI10 Battle Pass, none of the recent competitions will contribute to it. Instead, Valve looks to the upcoming Supporters Club as a means for fans to actively follow their favorite players, though it's also unknown whether or not a Battle Pass will be released this year.

More information on TI10 and the forthcoming Dota 2 in-game activities will be released soon.

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