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Apr 10, 2019
Manila, Philippines
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He is the main protagonist in the game called Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital. He has no name nor background of his life but all we know that he lost the bet with his friends that’s why he ended up inside the abandoned hospital… Now, we don’t want to judge his decisions (we’re not perfect >.<) but his innate journalist blood made him go inside that hospital.

In the game, he woke up to see the creepy masked man and learned that he was being kidnapped and put in a “game” (is this an inception of games?). He began his quest to escape, but soon he found out that he isn’t alone. ZOMBIES, ZOMBEYS, ZOOMBEES whatever you call them were everywhere, the only chance he has is to survive.

*clap* *clap* Of course, the story will be dry if he is alone, so he will also find some “HUMANS” to be specific, certain “LADIES” that will help him and accompany him. Now, they’re all a bunch of survivors wanting to escape...

HOLD UP! He’s a journalist, can he kill zombies like any bad-ass character? To answer your question, I will compare his stance and Leon from Resident Evil franchise stance.

Uhmm… remember he is a JOURNALIST and Leon is a cop so he doesn’t actually know how to do the perfect position, but he can kill with the gyroscope options. He can do some proper headshots.​

Nevertheless, he still can save ladies better than Leon. All these so called lady survivors loved and supported him.

I think the journalist intended to go in there to discover the depths of the hospital because he wants to know the truth and he wants to expose a lot of things created by the government but since he is a mere journalist he got entangled by the masked man’s scheme… The story is still ongoing so I wanted to know more about him.

I admire his courage and determination which are 2 main elements to survive; although movies have taught us not to trust anyone. But he is kind, he tries to help them in any possible way (good characteristics) and he is a genuine gentleman that wouldn’t like the girls to get hurt that’s why he’s the only playable character. ALSO, we are him. We are the ones playing him so my favorite character in the game would be him because I am him, right?

Now, I want to know your favorite character in the game. Is it the zombies? The girls? Or the same as mine? :D