The League of Legends Jinx Edition chair has been released by Secretlab and Riot Games

To commemorate the highly anticipated Netflix launch of League of Legends animated series Arcane, Secretlab has teamed up with Riot Games to offer a unique Jinx Edition chair.


Sporting her signature pink and blue colour coding, a Fishbones insignia plastered on the back and her name sprayed on graffiti-style, the Secretlab Jinx Edition chair is the latest addition to the popular League of Legends collection, which already includes collab chairs for Viego, Ahri, K/DA and many more Runeterran personalities. It uses their TITAN Evo 2022 model as the base, and comes in S, R and XL sizes. Have a look!

The Secretlab Jinx Edition Gaming chair comes in three sizes: small, normal, and large, and is upholstered in a soft and supple hybrid leatherette with all of the ergonomic enhancements found in the brand's all-new TITAN Evo 2022 chair. The chair's side wings and edges are adorned with a variety of bullets and clouds in a blue and pink color scheme. On the rear, Jinx's Fishbones rocket launcher is spray-painted, while on the front, a vibrant "Jinx" graffiti emblem is featured.


Secretlab CEO Ian Ang remarked, "I've always admired Jinx's loud and explosive demeanor in-game, and our design team had a lot of fun portraying her wild atmosphere with the Secretlab Jinx Edition." "Especially when, as part of their study, they took turns playing Jinx – one of the many pleasures of the job!" We can't wait to see Arcane when the first act is released; I know I'll be sitting in my Jinx chair watching it."


As for pricing details, the gaming chair starts from a base price of S$619 for the S size and Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette upholstery, though of course you are also able to choose from their other materials as well depending on your preferences. However, if you're considering picking one up, you'll have to make your decision quickly - Secretlab only has 25% of their current stock left, and if you decide to wait, you'll have to do so all the way till end-January.