The Long Wait is Over! - SINoALICE Launches at July 1st

Gacha gamers have who usually have connections with other players, communicate. They try out other games and test it out to see if those games have potential or has been great. Some of the games they test are from the other servers while some are going to recommend it in a forum of some sorts. Which is why the game we are going to discuss has been hyped for so long, SINoALICE!

What is SINoALICE?

SINoALICE is a turn-based RPG developed by Pokelabo Inc. and published together by Square Enix. The game is based on fairy tale characters and their quest to revive their author. With an interesting premise and notable characters (not to mention, their amazing design!), it is no wonder that the game has been received so well so far. However, there is more, players who have tried this on the JP server has noted that the game is really great and the story is promising so they have stuck with it so far. And thus, the curiosity and players of those who want the game to be in the global servers have been waiting for so long to have it a global release so they can play it for themselves.

But it is no wonder that the success of the game has been known for some time now. The creative director of the game also spearheaded some games that have been greatly received by gamers as well. The individual is no other than Mr. Yoko Taro, the man with the idea of Drakengard and Nier series. With someone in the lead as the creative developer, the future of the game is definitely gonna be long with the condition that they always deliver well with their fans.

The game has been known to be released last year with Nexon but for some unknown reasons, it has been replaced by Pokelabo Inc. For players, this is both a positive and a negative for the fans as Nexon tends to have a bad reputation for the players in the global release. Some of their games have caused the ire of the players as they have differences on the original server. With Pokelabo, the fans are hopeful that they remain faithful in the content of the JP server. However, this decision set them back and made the fans worry that the game might be stuck in development hell, but they have nothing to worry about anymore since it is coming soon and they cannot wait!

Countdown and Pre-registration Campaign Begins!

As for any game that will have its release soon, there will always be pre-registration bonuses and countdowns as to when the game will be released. This will serve as the coal for the hype train to carry on and build up excitement as the game release further on. For the countdown event, they will be basing it on interactions! Yup, when the SINoALICE Global social media accounts receive likes, comments and shares, it will count as 1 point. And as you can see in the image below, each corresponding number of interactions will have a reward waiting for you! Mission 3 unlocks when Mission 2 is complete though, so get those interactions going!

As for the pre-registration campaign, they also have something nice for those who will pre-register to the game until the launch on July 1st. They have a lot of materials together with a character and a weapon if you guys reach those goals. Players and fans of the game are definitely going to pre-register, so if you are interested in the game, why not give it a shot? I already pre-registered, goodluck to this and my 2 other gacha games, staring at me... Yikes!

Nier Collaboration

As the creative director of the games, you have the right to collaborate them together. With their high fan base, you bet it will be a success! When the game will be released in the global servers, SINoALICE will have a Nier collaboration soon. Both events will have a special scenario with the help of Mr. Yoko Taro. In the Nier:Automata event, characters of the game will have an encounter with Nier:Automata characters. While the Nier:RepliCant event, the story will be spearheaded by Mr. Yoko Taro as well. With these collaborations arriving soon as well, expect them to be in the game too!


Do good with your players and the players will reward you. Word of mouth and positive PR has been the reason why SINoALICE has been hyped until this day. But those are not the only things that made them stand out, proper love for the game, great story and other things along the way spices up the game for the players to even love it further. With these positive feedback and promising story, I'll definitely be the one who will play the game as soon as I can get it. Are you going to join me in this one? What are your thoughts in SINoALICE? Tell us in the comments below!