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Jan 21, 2020
Imus Cavite
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To whom this message may reach,
Most importantly to: Directors, Leaders, and Influencers at ASUS, Acer & MINESKI INFINITY

This is to send an idea regarding visions for the future — the possibility to create a positive impact on the thriving community of the Philippines.

My name is Matthew. But I would like to introduce myself as LUX, a short term for my stage name “LUXfferre”. A young adult in this generation, a person from the society, and a visionary amongst the masses.

A businessman and an entrepreneur at heart. But above all else, a certified gamer.

This is sent with the purest of intent for the path to innovation.
For the growth of your company as well as the growth for the economy here in the Philippines.

Just to provide proper recognition.
- I.T solutions
- Innovative
- Seeks to empower businesses

With the mission alone, it already imposes that the company is seeking partnership, as well as values partnership.

Furthermore, the quality and design of the products serve as living proof that the company is pursuing consistency and stability: a mission to be long-lasting.

It is also enough to indicate that the products are being valued and has a great effect on its community, especially to the gaming community.

-Break barriers between people and technology
-Empowering people to achieve their goals

Established since 1976

Similar to “ASUS”, It has already made its mark through history and has pushed through decades.

The leaders in “Acer” is in the best position for consultants. Based on their effectiveness throughout the course of history and success attained.

MINESKI INFINITY & other internet gaming café (e.g. TNC), a recreation center for gamers that values and promotes proper computer gaming experience.

A cyber cafe network that withstood the test of time and could be viewed as also pushing for consistency.

Its consumers/clients are not only those who are loyal but the much younger generation as well.

From this establishment alone and speaking from own personal experience, it too has developed a culture in their name that will be carried on for generations to come.
They have the power to make a much greater influence on society.

The Philippines as of now is transitioning to innovation, or as I would like to view it.

Everything is being developed. Constructions are nearly seen everywhere, down to city improvements, renovations, and establishments making its mark.

These steps to innovation tell us that the country is already showing the potential for creating a much greater future; if done right.

The Gaming community in the Philippines has yet to reach its full potential. Although it is already showing its visibility through social media (e.g. Streamers/E-sports representative), it still lacks the deserving recognition it needs to revolutionize modern society.
It can be viewed as a culture without its own sanctuary as of now.

Title of the vision:
"The Infinite Republic of Predators"

As a business-minded person and aspiring entrepreneur, unifying gaming organization will generate a much more effective cause for the gaming community and businesses alike. Especially when those organizations have also proven effective towards its community and consumers.

But in doing so, the intentions and directions should never be for-profit alone nor will it lead to the destruction of any business.

It must be for the community, change within the society and imposing the values of unity for a greater cause.

This vision is for the hidden community. To be able to provide a sanctuary for the gaming culture and help uplift technology for the people, especially gamers.

That is the true goal. But in order to reach this goal, one needs to take the necessary steps for that future to be realized.

And I understand that one person with visions alone can never succeed on his own. So, therefore, let this be a message that symbolizes an influence for that future.
Let this message serve as the first step that directs towards those visions.

A future where the Philippines could be the gaming capital of the world.
That will generate opportunities for the next generations to come.
That will also help shape the characteristics of the public towards innovation.

My purpose now is to make myself known. And to introduce myself as an individual from the society with these ideals.
It also goes without saying that as an individual of modern society, I am equally seeking opportunities that will cultivate what I’m truly passionate about.

I genuinely love gaming and generating a video/clip from my gaming experience. A hobby in which I found through twitch.

My interest in Games;
How it affects people, how it transitions throughout the years, how it generated a community, how it is a form of entertainment, how organizations build from it and how it will live on from generations to come.

Technology obviously played an important part in cultivating what transpires as entertainment for this generation. But from a visionary's perspective, it does not end there. It already showed it's true potential by creating a culture that people are already living by. Games also impose the value of connection, by the means of communicating with one another during in-game.

From a personal standpoint, the Philippines (My Motherland), is a thriving country that has yet to recognize its gaming community's true potential.

"Sa madaling salita" - Pinoy sense

Provide the right support, recognition, and organizations for the gaming community. To impose an influence that will target the negative impact as well as help shape and mold personalities from society.

Once there, this will eventually create multiple opportunities not just in a business sense, but also for the people.

*Games will get the people involved with technology.

*This will create business opportunities to help uplift the economy.

And this is just the tip of the conversation.
-The LUX Movement

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: LUXfferre Twitch: LUXfferre

Facebook: Matthew Osorio YouTube: Matthew Osorio

FB Page: LUX - deluxe

Instagram: mtthwlrnz



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Jan 21, 2020
Imus Cavite
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-Came from a mobile game character "Zenonia 3".
The character's name is "Luxferre", with a single "f".

-Since my name has a double letter in the middle I modified it a thus created my game name "Luxfferre". With double "f".

How it's read

To provide depth to the game name, I have broken it into two. LUX & fferre.

-It is the game name.
Affiliated word: Deluxe

-Is the extension and viewed as somewhat a code when the whole name is written.
-A cover-up for the word "deluxe"

Why: I've heard so many variations of how people say the name.
To avoid confusion, the game name is shortened to "LUX'' when being said.

When written to understanding:
L U X (deluxe)

Definition of: Deluxe
- Luxurious or sumptuous; of a superior kind.

// The LUX movement. //
To be viewed and understand not as glamourous, but as a character that is formal and with class. A movement of influence to a community.

A character shared with what I'm passionate about...


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Nov 13, 2018
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Let me leave sa feedback its up to you how you will take it

first of all luxmovement
a simple google search will show you this already exist either in form of a song or some modeling agency

are you trying to promote your ign? i have no idea

the writing
i tried to read and listen to what you wrote to be honest.. its bad like really bad.. there was no defied goal or problem you are pointing out.

I though it was a poem, thats how vague the message is the writing is all over the place.. more like a rant

basically whats the point?

the schilling
you mentioned you're an entrepreneur and that started praising Acer, Asus or ROG, you do realize in a marketing perspective those they just pasting the word "gaming" to sell more right?

but then again just my 2 cents
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Jan 21, 2020
Imus Cavite
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You're right bro, my writing is shit and needs improvement.
Promoting my ign. Yes. That's part of it, but it's not just that.

The goal is to revolutionize the community and society the way gaming is viewed today here in the Philipines. At least that's the first step.

Accepting e-sports as part of the learning systems in schools/universities to be able to discipline the next generation of gamers. As well as educate people about the games that made its mark and also a form of entertainment for students.
Whether to create a game. To play a game competitively. Or how to use games as a business opportunity... Much like the school's curriculum.
(A vision that is farfetched I know. I can go on stating things. But in the end, it will/might come off as meaningless words.)

I know that it's a marketing strategy. But those companies are also capable of creating change and influence. Not to mention streamers promoting them. I also know they are not the only ones(company/industry).

But those are the products I use and it provided me with great experience in gaming. So I started there.

Companies that are part of the gaming industry could advertise streamers that will eventually send a proper message to the public. Or have their own talents within the company or personality that could advocate people about the possibilities and potential of the gaming industry while enjoying playing games/their very own product.

Keyword: Advertising.

This will provide opportunities for the right people as well. As I see it streamers are "everywhere" some good some not so much. But they are making a living.

Profit will be the next question. How companies would invest without the loss in the end. But that's the reason why profit should never be the goal. If the intentions are right as well as the purpose, profit will definitely come naturally.

I take pride in being a Filipino. With the hopes of the Philippines becoming a better country.
I hope I can share what I see in games with people. I hope it will prosper the right way for the next generations to come. I hope I can be part of the great changes that will happen.
I want to be...

But in all honesty bro. I just really love gaming. And I hope I can share the good I see with people. I hope that in gaming I could make a living for now. That's it.
No beef...
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate this...
Ayt bro, peace love n' respect...