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Jan 17, 2018
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The Mobile Gaming Scene

While in the Philippines, the gaming scene started in computer shops with the games such as Dota & League of Legends. The mobile scene has also made its uproar with the accessibility of mobile phones to the youth and gamers it's no surprise that the industry grows bigger. with the only limited amount of people with the time and accessibility of a pc or console games such as "Rules of Survival" which is a battleground inspired game-mode most popularize in games such as PUBG & Fortnite. It gives the same experience as users in the pc. Furthermore, over the past few years the mobile-gaming accounts for 40% of the 800m video game market and by 2020 it’s suspected and expected to surpass the halfway mark

. The Finnish company behind "Angry Birds" a surprisingly popular game in the late 2010 sold almost 12 million copies, Rovio furthermore it has reached 3.7 billion downloads across all its games last year, while Pokemon Go, Niantic's popular augmented reality game, hit 65 million monthly users. And 2017 also saw games being the most downloaded type of app in both Google Play and Apple's App Store. up to this day gaming on the go is still popular. In-conclusion the mobile gaming industry is to expand in the coming years, better games and technology are some factors that will allow “gaming on mobile phones” progress.

QOTD: Gamers! What are your thoughts in mobile gaming?
With the limited amount of people with the time and accessibility of a pc or console Rules of Survival is the go to

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