The Mobile Legends MSC 2024 event is now available with the launch of MSC skins, MSC-themed events, free rewards, and more

The Mobile Legends Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024 event is returning starting this June 26 and will run until July 16 with the launch of exclusive MSC skins for Valentina in MSC Pass, MSC Support Chest, and more MSC-themed events.


To begin the MSC 2024 celebration, the MSC pass is now available for purchase and will cost 719 diamonds, or even less, up to 100 with the use of the coupon pass. The benefits of the MSC pass include the newest epic skin of Valentina called “Dark Nexus," tons of MSC coins, and double rewards for all MSC-related tasks.


If you can’t afford but want to obtain the MSC skin of Valentina, you may obtain it for free after accurately guessing the match result of MSC during the event period.

The MSC Exclusive Shop will return as well, and it will feature all the previous MSC skins, like Pharsa’s Heirophant for 35000 MSC Coins, Jawhead’s Space Explorer, Leomord’s Triumph Eagle, and Claude’s Earth’s Mightiest for 16500 MSC Coins each. The MSC 2024 Exclusive Avatar Border can be exchanged for 14000 MSC coins, Valentina’s Exclusive emote for 4500 MSC coins, and MSC Tickets for 4000 MSC coins.


Additionally, you may purchase the MSC Support Chest during the event period and get a chance to obtain Pharsa’s limited heriophant skin for only 20 diamonds per draw. Aside from Pharsa’s skin, there is also a chance that you may obtain tokens, an emote choice chest, or lots of MSC coins.

Part of the event is also the MSC pre-registration reward, the Banners of Morale. Banners of Morale can be activated before entering a ranked match to obtain bonus MSC coins after the game. The amount of MSC coins will increase if the result is a victory.

The MSC 2024 will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and will officially commence in June 2024. The grand final will be on July 1. Log in on July 13 and 14, 2024, to receive more Banners of Morale and bonus MSC Coins.