The Most Intensive War in Lord Area EVER!! MUST WATCH!! (Clint Gameplay) iOS Android 

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Jan 14, 2017
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Mobile Legends: The Most Intensive War in Lord Area EVER!! MUST WATCH!! (Clint Gameplay)

Do you want to know how I KILL STEAL the enemy's Lord? You need to watch this video to find the way I KILL STEAL the Lord and you will know how important kill the Lord in Mobile Legends.

If you pay more intention to this video, actually my team is owning than enemy team until I got caught killing the Lord and they stole it just in time! And after that, the game was changing and I felt like it got harder.

I played my best with my Clint and the item that I used is the best item which can win every single ranked match to rank up it. So, I learned some in this game that you need to kill the Lord wisely when you ready. You don't want to be stolen by enemy.

But, the very interesting thing in this video is I CAN KILL STEAL THEIR LORD TOO!! Feelsbadman!!

Because many of you asked me my item preperation/build, I will share to you guys below!

My Clint Build:
1. Tooth of Greed
2. Warrior Boots (replaced by Blade of Despair)
3. Blade of Destruction
4. Scarlet Phantom
5. Blade of Despair
6. Blade of Despair


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