The Most Unforgiving Hunting Ground and Special Events Arrive in Black Desert SEA

Guild of Guardians
Pearl Abyss announced today that Ash Forest, the most unforgiving hunting ground to date, and various special in-game events have arrived in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now challenge and defeat ferocious monsters in the latest, highest-level hunting ground, and earn precious rewards through special events.

A new hunting ground Ash Forest Ash Forest is recommended only for Adventurers having the highest AP and DP levels, as it is home to some of the most powerful monsters currently in the game. Adventurers who hunt in Ash Forest can earn valuable items including Deboreka's Necklace, a new accessory.

Adventurers are invited to craft Matryoshkas to earn various items until May 13. A Matryoshka can be crafted once an Adventurer collects 3 Matryoshka Pieces by fishing, gathering, and hunting. Each crafted Matryoshka can be opened for a wide range of valuables.

In addition, Adventurers are encouraged to help Wacky Toshi with his graduation research by collecting Marni's Stones from designated areas. Each Marni's Stone can be exchanged for 5 Wacky Toshi's Seals, which can be further exchanged for special items based on the number of seals that are exchanged.

A Nutritious Pellet event is also taking place until May 13. The event will allow hungry Adventures to exchange Fresh Fish into Nutritious Pellets through Crio. A large quantity of cooking ingredients such as Eggs, Chickens, and Milk can be gained by shaking the Nutritious Pellet with Special Haystack or Special Chicken Feed. Moreover, Adventurers can advance their characters with Scarecrow, which will grant Adventurers a +50% EXP buff until May 13.

Seoul, South Korea, April 29, 2020

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