The new PUBG Mobile's Anti-Cheat System "Fog of War" reduced cheating by half

Since the debut of its anti-cheat program, Fog of War, PUBG Mobile has been obstructing cheaters. Software called Fog of War examines the region and the server and then relays visible information to the client. This aids in eliminating the wall-shooting, cheaters with x-ray vision. The amount of cheating in the title has greatly decreased after the introduction of this program. In an article by Eurogamer, Krafton had the following to say regarding Fog of War:

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"The first of its kind in mobile gaming, Fog of War is an advanced anti-cheat system that limits the game information a player receives, reducing their ability to see players out of their field of view or through walls and objects.

Firstly, the Fog of War system scans all the buildings and terrain on PUBG Mobiles huge maps. Through internal calculations, the system then intelligently determines what the player is supposed to be able to see. Finally, only that specific information is sent from the server back to the player. Non-visible information will not be sent, putting a stop to x-ray vision cheaters".

In accordance with their most recent Ban Pan report, PUBG Mobile was able to permanently suspend 405,610 accounts and 6,566 devices between September 16 and September 22, 2022. The 37th week of Ban Pan, their campaign to get rid of cheaters, saw the removal of 2,091 online cheat advertising with 28,229,588 followers and views by PUBG Mobile. Many gamers are praising their efforts since they have undoubtedly made a huge dent in the cheats who plague the game.