The open beta of MoeGirl Go! is about to launch, the beauty cyber celebrities invite you to join

The CB test of the new generation of cute idle mobile game "MoeGirl Go!" which is popular in Asia was officially ended on January 12. During the CB test, not only a large number of players entered the game to have the trial experience, but it also attracted many beautiful cyber celebrities in Southeast Asia. Like other players, they made valuable suggestions for the game and made cosplays of the heroes in the game to support the game in their own way. " MoeGirl Go! " officially stated that in order to repay the enthusiasm of the players, the game will officially launch open beta on January 21. Before the beta starts, all summoners can still go to the game pre-registration page to register to receive various rewards.


Baobao: Although she is only an R-rated hero, she is so cute!

Baobao is a very popular cyber celebrity in Malaysia who loves singing, games, and cosplay. After contacting "MoeGirl Go!", Baobao was quickly attracted by the cute characters in the game and became a loyal player. Baobao said that his favorite game hero is Cambyses II, commonly known as "Catwoman". Although the rating of "Catwoman" in the game is only R, her cute appearance and charming style make her still become Baobao's favorite. Baobao even made a set of exclusive cosplay photos for her.

Introduction to Cambyses II: he once was the ruler of a kingdom. He is heavily addicted to cats and usually dresses up as a cat. His tail will move and he will get angry when the tail is touched by others.


Sarah Viloid: I met another girl who is cute and intellectual as myself.

Sarah Viloid is a well-known game anchor in Indonesia. She likes to play games, one time she found "MoeGirl Go!" when she was looking for new games, and she quickly fell in love with this game. Sarah said that she has played many games, most of them require a high level of concentration, and even need to stay up late to pass the level. This game only needs to be on-hook to get a lot of resources, which is especially suitable for office workers who have been tired after working at day. In addition, Sarah also cosplayed Diogenes, the hero in the game. She felt that Diogenes is too similar to her as if she saw another herself, the girl who is the same intellectual and cute.

Introduction to Diogenes: A philosopher who is indulged in his own thoughts and beliefs, likes to admonish others and teach his own thoughts. But because of her timid nature, she always dares to hug dogs and talk ventriloquists, thinking that everyone else doesn't notice it.


Misaki: I will surprise all of you!

Misaki is a very popular cosplayer in Thailand, her usual cosplay photos are mostly sexy and hot. As a loyal player of "MoeGirl Go!", Misaki likes the game because of the cool hero skills and high game bonuses in the game. As for the favorite hero, Misaki said that she has a good impression of art students since she was a child, while the style of Raphael in the game is what she likes. Although Raphael’s style is very different from her usual cosplay photos, she still chose Raphael’s image for cosplay. The specific cosplay photos will be released later. Misaki said that after seeing the photos, it will definitely "let you all be surprised".

Introduction to Raphael: self-proclaimed "artist". Like drawing and tinkering with some strange machinery. Devoted to doing things, but a little bit rough in life.


"MoeGirl Go!" will officially launch the open beta on January 21. After the open beta, the above three cyber celebrities will create associations in the game, and become summoners to save the world together with other players. In addition, they all have their own exclusive package code. For more information, you can go to the game's official FB fan group for consultation. 【Click to consult】

About "MoeGirl Go!"

"MoeGirl Go!" Is a cute idle RPG mobile game that is popular in Asia. The game takes place in a different world of swords and magic. You will become a summoner to summon many well-known historical heroes. These heroes will all become beautiful girls and stand by your side to save the world that is about to collapse! The game's main gameplay is casual placement to earn incomes, in the battle it will automatically release skills, which can free your hands, allowing you to feel a leisure experience that is completely different from traditional mobile games such as card and turn-based games! Log in to the game every day to receive ten consecutive draws for free. UR heroes are easy to get, and there are massive bonuses to help you level up easily!

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