The Original Love of Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the mobile sequel to the classic Ragnarok Online (hereinafter referred to as ROX) is releasing a new class—Super Novice—in its upcoming update for Adventurers to relive their memories and moments of joy.


The New class "Super Novice"arrives in the new server Original Love

After many experiments, Novices have mastered the use of various weapons and the representative skills of each class. Able to tap into a big pool of abilities and skillfully employ combinations of the unique abilities of each class, they also are a force to be reckoned with in battle! Having constantly tempered themselves in real combat while staying true to their heart and original aspirations, all Novices and Adventurers of ROX will eventually become strong and powerful!

ROX International Championship

ROX's first global championship is coming! Persevering communication and efforts of many parties have created this amazing opportunity! Now, Adventurers can compete with those from other regions in a world-class championship to decide the final winner. Currently, the ROX International Championship is still under planning. Adventurers will be able to obtain tickets in the upcoming Season system, and we are going to share specific rules and plans with you very soon!



War of the Chosen S3 is kicking off soon, giving you your first chance to earn points in the Season system! Adventurers' favorite competition, War of the Chosen, is finally starting. After experiencing this competition twice already, you should now be ready for WOC S3! This will be your first chance to earn points after the launch of the Season system. Adventurers need to seize this opportunity and achieve good results to get a ticket to the ROX International Championship.


Teams that participate in WOC S3 will have the chance to get an exclusive Loki-themed mount and outfit. Moreover, each member of the Champion Team will receive additional surprise rewards sponsored by Razer Gold, including a Razer Iskur Gaming Chair and other relevant rewards. In addition, an exclusive recharge rebate event will be held during WOC S3, giving out rebates to Adventurers who recharge with Razer Gold, Debit Cards, or Credit Cards during this time. ROX x Razer Gold collaboration items will also be available, so please stay tuned!


Gameplay Adjustments: Advanced Transfer and Zeny Optimizations...

Optimizations are in store for the Transfer system. Adventurers can now purchase Poring Gold Coins, which were previously used to reduce the Zeny cost of transfers, in the Exchange Center. What's more, the transfer cost reduction of Poring Gold Coins can now be stacked! You can collect Gold Coins to reduce the Zeny cost of making a transfer, and switch between PVP and PVE equipment without burden. After updating to the new version, you'll be able to choose a perk that reduces the cost of advanced transfers from your Kafra's VIP Card privileges. This effect stacks with the use of Poring Diamonds, allowing you to switch classes according to the situation.


Return of the Songkran Festival, Ramadan, and other special Southeast Asian events

Get free praying actions and offer pious day prayers at Prontera to open up your heart to all of Midgard, as well as receive special and pious prayer rewards. When the night falls, all MVPs and MINIs will become mutated and have a chance to trigger special events, summoning a clone that drops rare equipment after getting killed. Travel around Bangkok under the hot summer sun in the joyous Mid-Summer Scramble. Pick up a water gun, team up with friends, and shoot water at other naughty Adventurers for amazing gifts!

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