The Pre-Registration For The Irregular At Magic High School Mobile Reloaded Memory Begins Android 

If only I can make the title shorter, GodTsuya fans would've noticed it right away, right? Well, I have good news for you dear readers! I know you're here because you're just like me, waiting for that long-awaited Season 2! Recently, we've heard the news that it's about to return soon! But, enough of the anime and let's look at what Square Enix is cooking up for us.

The Irregular At Magic High School Mobile a.jpg

As a huge fan of the Tatsuya Shiba and the gang, let me just say that Square Enix made a great choice of creating a game out of this. So, let me tell you right now that they just launched a pre-registration for The Irregular At Magic High School Reloaded Memory! Unfortunately, the current pre-registration event is exclusively in Japan. But, as always, VPN is our friend for this kind of desperation.

So, to show you how excited I am about this game, I managed to find the pre-registration page with just a few clicks here and there. It's in the Japanese language tho, but if you're really into it, then it's no problem translating them bit by bit just to understand.

Before I give you the link, let me give you the details of what's really going on here. The promotional video above may sound familiar if you're a real fan. That's the voice of Sayori Hayami (早見 沙織) and Yōko Hikasa (日笠 陽子), the voice actresses of Miyuki Shiba (司波 深雪) and Angelina Kudou Shields (アンジェリーナ・クドウ・シールズ) respectively.

Taking the original voice actors and actresses to the game clearly shows how serious is Square Enix from making this game. There was no further information given aside from the characters and it's supposed genre.

The Irregular At Magic High School Mobile b.jpg

As you can see, the lineup of characters is a bit weird after seeing the Crimson Prince's red suit. Well, who knows why he's part of the initial character set. In their official site, these 10 characters were fully introduced. Seeing Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba reminds me of how OP they really are.

More characters might be added in the future. According to the details given in the site, the plot of the game will be based on the original story and, probably, one untold story. The genre of the game is "Magic Battle" RPG. But for the sake of simplicity, let's just say that it's an RPG.

The Irregular At Magic High School Mobile c.jpg

If you're also itching to see the details, I've provided all the links you'll need down below including the pre-registration link. I know, right? For any fan of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, this is a dream come true! Who wouldn't love to play as GodTsuya with his crazy Regrowth ability? Right now, I just don't know how they'll balance the game with Tatsuya being one of the characters you might be able to play.

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If you've enjoyed what you've seen, why not join the Irregular At Magic High School Reloaded Memory Discussion in Google Android. And since you've finished reading it, I'll stay true to my words. Here are the links that you're looking for!