The Rise of Bus Simulator on Philippines Gaming Industry

Simulators have been in the gaming industry since 1984 but were claimed it begun with Will Wright's SimCity. However, the first game that was made under this genre is Fortune Builder for ColecoVision.

Bus Simulator.jpg

To this day, different simulation games have been and are still in the games industry though here in the Philippines, Bus Simulators is being in the main scene right now in terms of simulation games.

Nowadays, some streamers differed from the rest who streams Mobile Legends and took Bus Simulators to another level, made it into a game that can be streamed. From the Mobile Legends that needs to have a good strategy and skills to be the victor of the game, truly Bus Simulation is really different from how it is played.

Bus Simulator B.jpg

It really is amazing how it's the same with how the buses and terminals operate in real life, though for you to have a nice experience playing it, you need to find a Bus Simulation game that has superb quality.

If you want to know how good Bus Simulators are or driving simulations in general, there's a lot of streamers on Facebook that you could watch that maybe could pique your interest, or if you want to have a trial test, you could download a bus simulator app on Google Play.
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