The Search For Shikon Jewel Continues At Inuyasha Awakening Out Now on Google Play

One of the classic and enduring anime that brought us the unforgettable story of Kagome and the half-demon half-human Inuyasha as they travel across a world festered with demons to find a jewel that can either restore or destroy a world is now making its way in the mobile platform with its own action gacha game, Inuyasha Awakening.

The game stays true to the story of the anime you follow the mystery behind Shikon Jewel and its connection to Inuyasha and Kagome together with other supporting characters like the priest Miroku, Demon Hunter Sango, and the demon fox Shippo in their dangerous adventures. Inuyasha Awakening follows stage-based gameplay where players need to finish each to progress to the next chapter of the story. Boss characters also await at the last stage to keep things spiced up.

You can have up to 4 characters that can join your team with the three under AI control and you will be controlling only 1 main character. Each of them possesses various skills that can be upgraded as well as a Special Attack the slowly charges during combat. You can opt for manual or automatic during each fight with manual allowing you to dodge the enemies' attack. Take note that combat is not turn-based which means you also need to quickly press the attack button before your enemies start pummeling you.

The Wish system serves like your usual Gacha feature allowing you to draw and collect characters from the anime to fight with you such as Kikyo and Sesshomaru. All of them are ranked from R to SRR. You can fully harness their potential through level-ups, upgrades of their equipment, and awakening which increases their star level and boost their attributes.

Aside from the main mission mode, players can also go head-to-head with other players around their server through real-time PVP battles. Other features that you can also unlock and enjoy are the treasure hunt mode and exploring Mount Hakurei. Of course, one must also be prepared in facing the baddest boss in Inuyasha's universe, Naraku.

Inuyasha Awakening balanced the flavors of gacha and dungeon-like exploration with favorable combat mechanics that can still keep on your toes. To get you some early advantage, here are is a gift code that you can use to receive hefty amounts of in-game resources:

xr248736qg - for the pre-registration rewards amounting to x100 golds, x5 Rune Souls, and 200k Copper Coins. Quickly use this because this code will be available for a limited time only.

Check out the FB page of Inuyasha Awakening for announcements of new gift codes that you can use for additional rewards. Inuyasha Awakening is now free to download at Google Play with optional in-app purchases.

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