The Secret Onsen is Officially Opened to the Public! What's Different about Destiny Girl's Private Soup?

Guild of Guardians
Destiny Girl, the fantasy girls RPG Gacha game, is currently under open beta in Southeast Asia. The new limited event "The Secret Onsen" will be officially launched on July 8th! How can you miss the opportunity to share the onsen with Destiny Girl? Let's unlock more gameplays of the Secret Onsen together!


Unlock the Holiday Onsen Event to Start Bathing with Fantasy Girls!

This version update mainly includes two themed events: "Secret Bath" and "Gourmet Tournament". Players can complete daily tasks to obtain holiday energy. Holiday energy can then be used to unlock the private Onsen pictures of fantasy girls. By completing jigsaw tasks, players will be rewarded with 20 free draws!

The second event is the Gourmet Tournament. Use holiday energy to cook "Sukiyaki Pot" and other delicacies to get delicious points, which can be exchanged for Oracle Card, character-exclusive Resource Choice Pack, and many other rewards!

Featured Onsen Beauty Skins on Sale for A Limited Time!

During the event, Akechi Mitsuhide and Hua Tuo's special images, "Onsen Beauty" and "Sakura Girl", will be on sale for a limited time. Come and join the Onsen party of the fantasy girls to build your strongest deck!


Cosplay Genius Boosts the Official Community with Surprises.

Lowcostcosplay, the genius cosplayer who creatively cosplayed Thor, the light element hero, shares full of spotlights. At the same time, the official invited several well-known beauty Cosers to cosplay in-game huntresses. Now, download the game and enter the name of the Coser to get 10 free draws; at least 50 draws in total. (Valid until 23:00 on July 9th) (GMT+7)


If you like and follow the official Facebook community, you will have the chance to receive Crystal*500, Advance Gem*200, and other rewards when the total number of followers reaches 48,888. By participating in this month's community event, you will have the chance to win the Jing Ke (fire element assassin), Akechi Mitsuhide and Hua Tuo’s limited skins, and the Amazon gift card. For more information, please visit the official community.

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