The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin’s new details and trailer has been revealed as G-Star 2023

New information, footage, and screenshots have been released for the open-world action RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin by publisher Netmarble and developer Netmarble F&C. The new information was released at the G-Star 2023 that is currently taking place at Busan Exhibition and Convention Center in South Korea. The event runs until November 19.

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Below are the details that have been revealed:

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin Features Original Story and Lively Graphics

At G-Star 2023, Netmarble will showcase a demo version of the new open world, action adventure, collecting RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, the successor to The Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is set in the time between The Seven Deadly Sins and Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Tristan, the son of main characters from the original title Meliodas and Elizabeth, explores various locations with his colleagues in his quest to save Britannia continent, where time and space are twisted due to the runaway of “Star Fragment.”

The story of the demo build is centered around Tristan encountering an artifact called the Star Fragment while exploring an unknown region near lake Pernes. A strange phenomenon occurs, and characters from the past return to Britannia. Tristan heads toward Fairy to discover secrets of the Star Fragment. In this process, players explore a cave by burning tree trunks or excavating ore. Players also have to defeat monsters such as a Golem. In addition, players can experience original stories of the game by completing quests like meeting Hawk and defeating Werewolf Warriors.

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Because the final story involves Tristan and his colleagues correcting the space-time distortion on the Britannia continent, players will be able to enjoy a more robust narrative at launch.

Additionally, incredible graphics developed with Unreal Engine increase the immersion of the story. The game’s art style closely mirrors that of the original anime, and is sure to delight fans of the series. At the same time, improved details like hair fluttering, waves in the water, wind motion, and shadows, along with graphics that express features of different times and places continue to deliver the feeling of watching quality animation established by the first game. The compelling story and amazing graphics will allow both veteran and new players to enjoy the game.

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Advanced Strategy: Skills Change Based on Weapon and Hero Combos

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is marked by more advanced strategies compared to the previous title. Players form a team with four different heroes and can change out characters depending on the situation. Players can develop their own combat style by combining different heroes and weapons. A hero will be equipped with one of three different weapons. Since skills and lethal moves change depending on weapon type, players can enjoy experimenting with many different strategies. For example, if Tristan is equipped with Dual Swords, players can attack in rapid succession at a higher speed. However, If Tristan is equipped with a Greatsword, players can deliver a more powerful attack, albeit at a slower speed than the Dual Swords. Further, Dual Swords allow Tristan to use a lethal move that drops a meteor from the sky while Greatsword enables Tristan to use a lethal move that attacks and pushes an enemy back in a straight line.

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“Combined Attack,” which combines skills of different heroes, is also a remarkable feature. Players can enjoy the splendid graphics as the scenes of heroes’ lethal moves change depending on the formation of heroes. In addition, players can give more deadly damages to the enemies with Combined Attack as special effects are activated. For example, the Combined Attack of Tristan and Meliodas attacks enemies with Tristan’s meteor and Meliodas’ fire. The Combined Attack of Howzer and Gilthunder attack enemies with storm and electricity. “Tag Skill,” which is activated if a player changes a hero, is also a remarkable point as a player can attack the enemies with lethal moves of characters even during the moment of changing the character.

Various monsters like Golem, Werebear, and Forest Deer, along with bosses such as Big Moth appear in The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin. Thus, players have to carry out strategic combat by considering the characteristics of enemies. Because areas where the boss’s special skills take place are marked in red, it is important to escape from the region to minimize the damage.

The Joy of an Open World Adventure

Content like adventures, collecting, which players can enjoy as if playing a console game even on the go, are also notable features. The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin maximized the feeling of adventure by taking full advantage of open world game features. Players can use eight different characters including Tioreh, Tristan, King, and Meliodas to explore various maps such as “Nest of big Bird” and “Fisherman’s Cabin.” In this process, players can freely explore the map and experience the excitement of prospecting caves, discovering secret locations or defeating monsters. Because each character has different adventure skills, players can quickly clear quests if they select the proper hero for the situation. For example, Tristan can move objects while Howzer is capable of high jump. Meanwhile, Tioreh can fly and Gilthunder can hit an object with a thunder spear.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin also delivers fresh gameplay as players can explore a large map while riding conveyance like Manta Hawk, which enables players to fly around the map. Players can also dive into the lake and engage in underwater exploration. Because a character drowns if they stay underwater more than three minutes, players have to consider time shown in the center of the upper screen.

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It is important to note that the game enables players to experience not only great adventures, but also the daily life of The Seven Deadly Sins by participating in various activities such as collecting wood and ore or fishing. Fishing in the The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is similar to other fishing games as a player casts a lure near a creature. If it is hooked, a player will engage in a tug of war to determine the victor. Lastly, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin delivers dynamic gameplay by allowing monsters’ behavior to change depending on time and climate. For example, Werebear carries a torch or sleeps during the night, and the Forest Moth only appears at night.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is being developed for console, PC, iOS, and Android. Currently, the release date for the game has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more details!