The Sims 4 Free Content Update

The Sims original version was released 16 years ago, To celebrate the 16th year anniversary series of the SIMS, The Sims 4 receives new free content based on the previous three Sim games.

The second game's tribute brings the Grilled Cheese aspiration to The Sims 4. It turns grilled cheese sandwiches into your Sims' favorite food, though the official sims website says it might be a "mildly unhealthy obsession."

The game has added an homage to the Tragic Clown from the original game's expansion, Livin' Large. He's come to the fourth entry as a painting that will leave your Sims feeling sad upon seeing it. The Gardener NPC and a Plumbob poster that apparently doesn't do anything have also been added.

Lastly, the Kleptomaniac trait makes its way from The Sims 3. If a Sim has this trait, they won't be able to stop themselves from stealing random objects from the places they visit.

They're all available in today's update

source via gamespot
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