The Steam Summer Sale are here! Here are some great deals for you! PC 

HAAAAAAAAIL LORD GABEN! This is one of the times where we prepare our anxious wallets and excited hearts to buy more games to either play or add to the backlog of a long list of games that we ought to play in the future. But oh well, more games means more things to do in our R&R and free time, so we don't we take a chill pill and check the games we can play while we're still stuck inside especially if you're a student or you are working from home.

Let's start with a Classic: Resident Evil 2
Who can deny the classic game that is Resident Evil 2. A remake of the 1998s Playstation 1 version, now in better graphics and gameplay like you've never imagined before. You might not have a PS4, but Steam gotchu! Buy it for P719.50 for the Standard Edition, but if you want the deluxe, shell out P884.50

When you just want to go ham: Doom Eternal

There are times when you just want to release your frustrations, vent, rage and rampage. But we do not want you to go out and do that to others. Heavens no! That should be reserved in our thoughts but if you want to smash something, smash some demons and monsters in Doom Eternal! Recently released, this game will bring your stress to low levels as you hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies with glee. Expecting a AAA price of P2760.00? Not this time around, Grab it half price at P1380.00! The Deluxe version is much more expensive but again, your call!

Think think think in a time loop: Outer Wilds

Thinking is the name of the game because you only have 22 minutes to think in this game. Uncover the mysteries in the game, as you are stuck in a time loop where you will use that advantage to solve them all. Some areas might be limited so explore them before they're gone and be careful to not think too long before the sun supernovas up! Either way, it is one of the most acclaimed games last year, so it is a great opportunity to check it out!

Single or: Tekken 7

Who can forget the classic that is Tekken, now with Tekken 7, they have various expansions and new characters that will definitely interest you. From Noctis to Negan and other characters, if you want a great fighting game with an active multiplayer area (yes, even in the Philippines) then Tekken 7 is great for you to check out!

Indie but Goodie: Celeste

A hard platformer but a meaningful experience. That's a lot of things I've heard regarding Celeste, but there's something there that typical players might find when they dive deeper into the game itself. The story? The background? The music? If you ask me, you should just try it out for yourself, a quality game like this should be played and not be spoiled. Winning accolades and praises even in the awards nights, one should definitely try this out.

Looter Shooter 3: Borderlands 3

Another feel-good game that can definitely be great for those who just wants to chill out and loot and shoot. A classic among games, Borderlands 3 continue from the previous series as you go on a mayhem, upgrade your weapons while playing out a story that you may or may not forget, because you're having too much fun!

Good EA Star Wars Game? : Jedi Fallen Order

Remember Star Wars Battlefront 2? The fiasco? Yeah, those times, where EA was put in hot seat and grilled about their Star Wars games not being great. But I heard that Battlefront 2 is making a resurgence, good for them. But we're not about that topic. Jedi Fallen Order was a success from the start and they are still updating their game from time to time. Surely, this game has been great and definitely a recommend!

Acclaimed Metroidvania Classic: Hollow Knight

Another solid platformer with a difficult setting. Famous for being called a Metroidvania, Hollow Knight really puts you into gears as you try to finish a level that is truly challenging among the rest with new content despite being published years ago. This is a solid investment for those who want to have a good time.

Writer's Recommendation: 2D Sandbox Adventure of a Lifetime, Terraria!
You might have heard of Terraria from this website and probably from me. I cannot recommend Terraria enough for players who want to have a great time in their pursuit for imagination and adventure! You can play your way, either just scouring the land for resources and build things as you please. If Minecraft has Redstone, indulge yourself with Terraria's wiring system that will definitely make you create amazing contraptions. Well, if you are the one who seeks glory and fame, go on an adventure and play with your friends and battle out bosses! In the end, you are in control of what you plan to do. So I definitely suggest it. P159.75 right now on Steam and if you want to treat your friends, grab 3 of them and buy a 4-pack for P379.97!

Well, with all those recommendations, one or two might entice you to get a game based on your preferences, that's a big variety imo. From platformers, triple A games, exploration, puzzles, etc. We hope that you find a game suitable of you in that list. Get your games now on Steam Summer Sale!