The Story of Dragon Storm Fantasy

Guild of Guardians


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May 12, 2019
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Dragon Storm Fantasy is a 3D Dual-form dragon battling game that allows players to experience a sprawling, unfolding story while it pits players against each other in epic PvP combat.

As the Chosen One, you are guided by the Divine Dragon on a quest to obtain the divine soul legacy, turning yourself into a divine dragon to fight and save Arcs.


Dual-Form transformations allow you to harness the power of dragons
Transform between your human form and that of one of seven different Divine Dragons during battle. Embrace the powers of Frost, Fire, Light, Darkness, Life, Time, and Space as you assume the form of a giant dragon and lay waste to all who stand in your way.

Become the dragon and spread your wings
Arcus is a vast land and you’ll need all of the help you can muster to fully explore it. Collect companions, mounts, and even powerful dragon wings to unlock all of the lands’ hidden secrets.

Break the limits of traditional warrior, mage, and archer roles by switching between melee and ranged combat freely
With the ability to transform into one of seven Divine Dragons, you can dictate the flow of battle. Your sword-swinging warrior can blast enemies from afar to weaken their ranks, and your backline mage or archer can rush into the thick of battle fearlessly. The choice is yours!

Massive PvP battles across multiple dimensions
Prepare your weapons and steel your nerves as you engage in one of the biggest multi-server PvP systems yet, pitting thousands of players against thousands of players at a time. Who will rise to the top?

Band together with allies to overcome powerful bosses
Gather your friends to challenge some of the hardest world bosses you’ve ever faced. You’ll be pushed to your limits to tackle these powerful foes, but with great risk comes great rewards. Come on, fight for guild glory!

A thriving economy with cross-server trade
Items, both rare and common, drop with abundance and thanks to our thriving cross-server trade system you can buy and sell as your heart pleases. Will you become a top trader, capitalizing on your knowledge and playing the market to your advantage, or will you use market competition to equip your champion with the best gear available?

A vast world full of adventure -With over hundreds of zones to explore, Arcus is one of the largest MMO worlds you’ll find on mobile. With diverse biomes, dynamic light and shadows, high-resolution particle effects, and more, you will never want for visual delight while playing.

Divine Dragons' Creation

Tens of thousands of years ago, the demons invaded the Divine Realm under the leadership of the Demon King Baal. The gods suffered one defeat after another and the Divine Realm became almost a scorched earth. In order to preserve the last hope, the seven Divine Dragons tore open the time and space together and came to the peaceful world - Arcus. The original Arcus was just a space of chaos and nothingness. The seven Divine Dragons began to create everything using each of their own unique advantages. Space boundary was first created to block the connection between Arcus and other spaces, to prevent the war in the Divine Realm from spreading to this place. Later, the Divine Dragons joined forces and created rolling hills, rushing rivers and vast oceans. A new world was taking shape.

Birth of Races

After the creation of Arcus, the Divine Dragons had a dispute over whether they need tocreate lives. When they calmed down, they considered it over and over again, and finally decided to create lives, letting these lives in Arcus to establish and perfect the order of the world. The preferences of the seven Divine Dragons were different. They created races such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, the Undead and Fey Dragons according to their own ideas. They also vowed to guard them jointly. Under the protection of Divine Dragons, these races prospered and gradually formed their own big cities. The two largest cities were the Sky City of humans and the Underground Dragon City of dwarves. In these cities, people of different races lived in harmony and created a splendid civilization.

Demon Invasion

Good times are always short-lived. The war in the Divine Realm eventually spread to Arcus. The demons opened the space boundary under the command of the Demon King Baal and entered Arcus, bringing endless disasters and catastrophes. In order to resist the invasion of the demons, the Divine Dragons choosed to enter the space cracks to fight the demons. However, the power of the demons was too strong, and five Divine Dragons had to withdraw to Arcus. They sacrificed themselves and turned their bodies into a seal to block the space cracks. Some of the demons had stayed in Arcus, and for thousands of years they had been the enemy of all races. As time went by, the Divine Dragons' power gradually dissipated and the seal began to disintegrate, and again the demons entered the Arcus through the space cracks. Before the Divine Dragons died, they left the crystals of their power in the world, called Dragon Crystals. At the same time, they also left their exclusive prophecy - only the Chosen Hero selected by the Divine Dragons could have the Dragon Crystals, awaken the Dragon Soul Power, become the new savior of Arcus and perform the duty of defeating the demons and guarding Arcus. A thousand years have passed, the Chosen Hero is about to be born!