The Super Mecha Champions and Granbelm Crossover Event

Otherworldly Mecha is Primed to Land! The Super Mecha Champions and Granbelm Crossover Event is on the Way! NetEase Games currently have a piece of news about our Super Mecha Champions, which was rewarded Google Play's Best Innovative Game of 2019 in Thailand and Indonesia, has announced today:
  • Start its first crossover event with the popular anime series- Granbelm;
  • Release a brand-new game mode: Mangetsu Battle;
  • Unveil a new premium lucky house with Mangetsu and Shingetsu.

Super Mecha Champions has announced today its first crossover event with the popular anime series- Granbelm. Over a span of 4 weeks, SMC will release a brand-new game mode: Mangetsu Battle; a new premium lucky house, and many more excitements for players to discover.

Under the glimmering moonlight, the hugely popular characters and the unstoppable powerful Mecha of Granbelm will make their descent into Mecha City.

Granbelm is a Japanese TV-based anime produced by Nexus, and well received by viewers since it was released in July 2019. On a night with a red full moon, a high school girl Mangetsu Kohinata became engulfed in a scuffle with a Mecha called Armanox, and after being rescued by a girl named Shingetsu Ernesta Fukami, she encountered a Mecha of her very own. And so, the wheels of fate jolted into motion.

A Brand-New Game Mode - Mangetsu Battle Opens

During the crossover event, players will have a chance to enter a special mode -- Mangetsu Battle, when they choose to play matches in Battle Royale Mode.

The scenery of Mecha City will be completely revolutionized for the Mangetsu Battle. Within this epic scene, a special Portal and Rune Fragments will appear on the battlefield, bringing more changes to the game.

The Portal will appear randomly either within the vicinity of the Safe Area or near airdrops. Pilots can locate them on the map and use them to move freely. Whether the Portal leads pilots to face a fearsome foe or to an abundance of resources. This will be pilots’ job to find out after having made their way through the Portal.

Rune Fragments with special capabilities will be scattered across Mecha City within the Mangetsu Battle. Players will need to collect them for a chance to unlock an Amulet, which allows them to select special skills such as to shorten skill cool downtime and to obtain protection shields.

New Premium Lucky House Opens, Mangetsu and Shingetsu Emerge

In the Premium Lucky House that was opened for the event, Granbelm-themed Mecha and S-level pilot will be made available. Mangetsu and Shingetsu from Granbelm leaped through time and space to whip up a storm on the Mecha City battlefield!

Along with its pilot, the powerful mecha -- Viola Katze will also make its descent. Full of amazing explosive power and lethality, Viola Katze will surely bring out new battle experience of Mecha City.

That sums up the exciting features of these crossover events. Can’t wait to join Mecha City? Get yours today for an exciting ride!

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