The Swordsman From Hell: Kin of Stain Blade Yone's Overview

The hype is real for the fans of League of Legends as the upcoming updates of the will introduce a brand new with a gripping story that will join the clash in the summoner's rift.

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Enter Yone; the swordsman that goes by the monicker Kin of Stain Blade who has a darker history with another swordsman in the game, Yasuo, who happens to be his brother who in the past had killed him during the tragic story of their master's murder.

There are plenty of details that have been unveiled for Yone as Riot prepares for his arrival in the game and how his lore ties with his brother Yasuo who he harbors a strong grudge before. Below are the facts we know so far.


Yone's story begins in the duel between him and his brother Yasuo as the latter has been blamed for the murder of their master. Losing any options, Yasuo regrettably killed his brother and flee from Ionia; bearing all the guilt in his shoulder despite the fact that he is not the killer of their teacher.

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But in the trailer, it was shown that Yone returns from hell and surprisingly helps Yasup defeat a demon during his period of communing with the spirits. Although Yasuo has already stated that his brother can take now his vengeance, Yone didn't do it and just say to his brother that his death will not fall on his hands.


Like his brother, Yone shares a striking similarity in core gameplay with Yasuo as both fill the role of a fighter. Yone strays away, however, on his style as a much more aggressive swordsman. They both have the same pattern of skills like sweep attacks and temporary shields with Yone having some knack for dishing critical hits. Below are the temporary base stars of Yone on the test server:
  • Base HP: 550
  • HP5: 7.5
  • HP per level: 90
  • HP regen per level: 0.15
  • Base MR: 32
  • MR per level: 1.25
  • Base AD: 60
  • AD per level: 2.5
  • Base armor: 28
  • Armor per level: 3
  • Attack speed per level: 2.5
  • Base move speed: 345
  • Attack range: 175


Passive: Way Of The Hunter

As a dual wielder, Yone can inflict magic damage to his second attack plus a doubled chance to land a critical. The downside though is that his critical damaged is reduced by 10%

Q Skill - Mortal Steel

Yone thrust his sword to deal damage and gain one stack after a successful hit. When he uses this skill to gain 2nd stack, Yone will dash forward and deal damage plus a 0.75 and a knock-up effect to his enemy.

W Skill - Spirit Cleave

A cleave attack that deals damage base from the 6% of your enemies HP. It will then activate a shield for 1.5 seconds. The more the Spirit Cleave will hit multiple enemies, the more his shield will be fortified.

E Skill - Soul Unbound

Yone projects his spirit form that grants him a 10% ramping move speed. The spirit can attack as well as deal 25% of the total damage he deals with a champion during this form as Yone returns back to his physical self.

R Skill - Fate Sealed

His Ulti deals magic and physical damage in an AOE area plus Knock Up effect that brings the enemies closer to him. Yone will teleport right behind the champion who will get hit last by this skill.

Yone is currently available only test but he will be available in the official roster of LOL Champion very soon.

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