The Tomb of Sargeras Arrives March 28

Tomorrow will be the launching date of new World of Warcraft's 7.2 update, The full patch has been released already. The official release of the patch will be on March 28 2017. The update, known as The Tomb of Sargeras, features some major additions, including a new dungeon, PvP Brawls, the pet battle dungeon, and class-specific campaigns, which lead to quests that unlock new epic class mounts.

Those mounts will be all the more useful thanks to 7.2 adding the ability to fly in the Broken Isles. This won't immediately be available to everyone, as you'll first need to earn the Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part 2 Achievement to earn the right to take to the skies. 7.2 introduces new ways to enhance your Artifact with new empowered traits, higher ranks for existing trait.

source via WoW News

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