The Ultimate Guide to optimize your PUBG


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May 11, 2015
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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may cause system instability, modify at your own risk.

All optimization methods are mostly from the PUBG Reddit community r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS, some on the PUBG Steam Community forums. I made a compilation on my Discord Server but now, I’m releasing it here. Sources will be listed at the end of the document.

These methods don’t get you banned, fyi. Especially configuring the INI files. Everyone has done their research and some of the PUBG members already told us it was safe to use these methods. Even PLAYERUNKNOWN allows ReShade.

PSA: Before complaining about FPS after the update, delete your config folder and all launch options.

The game will generate a fresh config upon launch. Lots of the launch options are no longer beneficial to a lot of players. Try the game completely fresh with no config edits or launch commands. If you feel unsatisfied, scroll through this guide to sort it out. Happy optimizing!

If you've seen a post about launch options, don't. The launch options have most likely be patched in. It only makes the game worse. -sm4 is known to cause stutters.


followed a guide from someone using Nvidia Inspector for Blade And Soul(which uses UE3) and decided to try it with PUBG. I got about 10-15 fps boost from it so thought I'd pass it on. Here's the thread for the guide:
  1. Download Nvidia Inspector from the site or from Google if you don't trust it. Launch Nvidia Profile Inspector from the zip.
  2. Type PLAYERUNKNOWN in the top left bar and select the PUBG profile.
  3. Find Antialiasing compatibility, it's the second one down.
  4. Select 0x080100C5 (Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3)
  5. Click Apply changes at the top right I personally got a nice little boost using it - I guess it's a more compatible antialiasing setting than the default. I might try some of the other settings and see if they give more FPS. I don't know if there is something similar for AMD users out there, maybe someone can find something.
Edit: Just to show that without this I get a texture glitch when I land but without it my game loads fine. Just to show those that might doubt it affecting anything.


I've found a reasonably big fps booster, at least for myself. So I want to share it at least, even you don't have issues atm, I'd suggest at least to give a try.

Head to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
Right-click to properties on "TslGame" Navigate to Compatibility -> check the "override high DPI scaling behavior" box, and hit "OK".

Restart your game if necessary. And now you should have greatly higher FPS, without making graphics look any worse AT ALL!

- This also works with other games if you are having performance issues and know your hardware should run it better than that. For me, I had 30-40 FPS at starter island before game start, and game responsiveness was mehh, but now it is around 50-55 with vsync on, even after I upped a bit some settings! In game running perfectly with 60FPS. Additional notes: For Win7 users who want to try this method: You have to go into regedit.

Type Windows Button + R, then type in "regedit" and enter.

Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers" and add a new string by right click.

Name it the Path where the TslGame.exe is stored like: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\TslGame.exe" and add the value "~ HIGHDPIAWARE" to it.

The "override high DPI scaling behavior" should be checked now while still being greyed out.
Win8: Override High DPI Scaling Behavior and Disable display scaling on high DPS Settings are the same thing.

Win10: if you have options, choose Application.

THE ULTIMATE(Fully disabling Forced Post-processing) ENGINE.INI CONFIG by Pexalol


I wrote most of this by myself, following this UE4 command list,

it can be improved further but I'm too lazy to do everything tbh. there are also commands like
r.Streaming.MipBias=1 or r.Streaming.MipBias=2

which boosts fps but I don't like how it makes the game look, this basically makes all textures look like trash (the higher the value, the worse your game will look and it doesn't have to be an integer) and it helps if you have very low video RAM.

An extra line of code to add to fully disable DoF r.DepthOfField.MaxSize=0


INTRODUCTION I have fixed nearly all stutter. Please understand, this may very well not work for you, it is simply the only solution of many I have tried that actually work. Also please bear in mind, this did not eliminate 100% of the lag, it is still there, just much less. Last thing, this solution might only work if you have a Hard drive, not a SSD (though it might still work), I'll explain later. This will be a long post so feel free to skip to the headers if you want.

Change the page file to what windows recommends. Steps
  1. Open file explorer.
  2. Right-click on This PC and click properties.
  3. On the left hand side of the window, click advanced system settings.
  4. Click Settings under the performance tab.
  5. Click on advanced and under virtual memory click change.
  6. Make sure Automatically manage paging file size for all drives is unticked
  7. Lastly, hover over your hard drive. (If you have a spare SSD I highly recommend you ensure your page file is only on the SSD.) Now make sure custom size is set, and at the bottom of the window there should be a tab named Recommended. Change the initial value to what the recommended value is, as well as the maximum value. 8.Lastly, hit Set then Ok and Finally Apply Page File Explanation

This should be changed really only if you have under 16 GB of ram. If you are stuttering with 16 GB of ram, I recommend you reduce the page files size to a very small amount (<500 MB) or even remove it. (Yes I know the pagefile is required by windows in some very rare instances, but removing it won't cause any harm to your computer. Really, the only thing I've seen the page file required for is logging if windows crashes). If you do have under 16 GB of ram, follow the instructions above.

The thing about the page file is it is very taxing on your disk. If you run low on memory, which you can bet will happen when you only have 8 GB of ram and are trying to play PUGB, windows will have to create some virtual memory on the hard drive so it can continue operating. It will try to put everything on the RAM (as it is much faster), but if the RAM requirement overflows it needs to go on the disk.

When PUBG is attempting to access an asset or texture file that is on the disk, that texture will load in much more slowly compared to the same texture file on physical ram. When you change your page file to the recommended amount that you see at the bottom of the window, you will be most likely reducing the size of the paging file, therefore reducing the likelihood of a file from PUBG overflowing on it.

Change your AHCI Link Power Management setting
Really not much to say here. Just follow this guide. If you don't have the option to change the setting in power options, just scroll down to download the registry file (it's safe, right-click on it and hit edit if you don't trust it).

Once you get the option to change the setting, make sure to set it to active.

AHCI Setting Change Explanation
I'm a bit limited in knowledge of this topic so correct me if I'm wrong. This setting should force the disk to stay "awake". If the setting isn't set to active, the disk is able to stop running if iit's t thinks it's idle.
Changing this setting to active has been known to stop constant stuttering in everything when the disk is under high load.

Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology
This is also pretty self-explanatory. I would imagine you could just download the setup file from Intel, but just to be safe, I recommend, if possible, getting it from your manufacturer. Only download it if you were able to change/confirm you have the correct setting from above regarding the AHCI Setting Change.
Oh, and if you didn't already notice, it's only for Intel CPU's, sorry AMD users.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Explanation
In short, it's just a more effective storage controller.

Quote from Intel:
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology offers greater levels of performance, responsiveness, and expandability than ever before. Whether you are using OnePlus or multiple serial ATA (SATA) or PCIe drives, you can take advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption from the latest storage technologies. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing you have added protection against data loss in the event of a hard drive failure.

General Tips Even if you followed the tips above I recommend following these tips as well.
Try turning off shader cache in Nvidia Control Panel (no effect for me)

Make sure you have single display performance mode and Maximum performance mode set in Nvidia Control Panel

Well that's all I've got, I really hope this post helps you, PUBG is really unoptimized right now but this might help you play the game for now.

Please feel free to correct any information in my post if I'm wrong at some point.
Thanks for reading!


Open Nvidia Control Panel then go to 3D Settings>Manage 3D Settings>Program Settings then select PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds under "Select a Program to Customize". If u cant find it click browse and go to Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 and select TslGame.exe

Now you can manage particular, specific 3D settings just for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Here are the settings you'll want to change.

Anisotropic filtering - Application-Controlled
Antialiasing - FXAA - Off
Antialiasing - Gamma Correction - On
Antialiasing - Mode - Application-Controlled
Antialiasing - Setting - Use global setting
Antialiasing - Transparency - Off
CUDA - GPUs - Use global setting (All)
Maximum pre-rendered frames - Use the 3D application settings
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) - Off
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration - Single display performance mode
Optimize for Compute Performance - Off
Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate - Highest Available
Shader Cache - On
Texture filtering - Anisotropic
sample optimization - On
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow
Texture filtering - Quality - High performance
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization - On Thread Optimization - On
Triple buffering - Use global settings (Off)
Vertical Sync - Off

HOW TO SHARPEN YOUR GAME (without ReShade) by 99rrr

I have found another good stuff for you guys. PUBG is based on Unreal Engine 4 and it has well known drawback the blurriness of anti-aliasing. which makes so many people to use Reshade to get rid of it. but you can sharpen the game by using built-in feature though you need to edit the .INI file.
I'll show you the results first. you can set the sharpness between 0 (default, no sharpen) to any higher number that determines the strength of sharpness. let's see it.

All the screenshots were taken with following in game settings -> Screen Scale 100, AA/Textures/Foliage/View Distance Ultra and everything else very low.

- [Default vs Sharpen=1] - [Default vs Sharpen=2] - [Default vs Sharpen=5] Notice that i've used somewhat extreme numbers to distinguish it. surely it will require additional cost but not more than Reshade and it has very little impact on performance so it won't hurt your framerate also doesn't affect your other graphical settings at all.

Here's how :
1) Go to %localappdata%/TslGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor`
2) Open Engine.ini and put below


(change 1 to your desired strength of sharpness)
value of 0.5 to 1.0 will look natural and if you want extreme sharpen try 2.0 or more there's no one ideal number it's up to you.

FPS tip that doesn't make sense at all by KaptainKeel

Go to Task Manager and set TslGame.exe to "Below Normal" Priority.

I originally did this to solve an issue with mouse stuttering, but a side effect is that it gave me quite a bit more FPS too. Makes absolutely no sense to me why it would give FPS by lowering the priority, but it did.

(Works well with Win10. Not sure about other OS)

How to fix marshmallow buildings! (Buildings taking time to render bug) by syzygy-xvii via Reddit

Hello fellow players! I've had this problem for over 2 months and it was the most frustrating thing ever, you feel like you are very disadvantaged in start-game situations. People helped me with this but most people still don't know how to fix this, and I had made a post asking for help and got the help I needed so I'm making this to reach out for a bigger audience!

The main fix is to buy an SSD, but in my situation that wasn't very possible, a little tight on the money right now, so I tried what one guy had suggested and it was the perfect solution, here's a quick guide how to do it:

Get a USB 3.0 flash drive (8GB minimum and at least 100MB/s) Go to steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder Now pick your flash drive depending on it's letter (For example: (E:)) Go to steam library and find PUBG, Right click and properties > Local Files > Move Install Folder... and find the flash drive and press move folder!

That's it! you can use this as a temporary solution in case you plan on buying an SSD later on. Enjoy not getting killed every time you land school or military!

N8VENTURES here, by the way, don’t forget to:
Re-disable High DPI Scaling/Override High DPI Scaling Behavior (Set to: Application) Re-assign the Antialiasing Compatibility (via Nvidia Profile Inspector) Re-assign NVIDIA Control Panel settings

Also, ini files remain unchanged since they're stuck at %localappdata%

Memory Crash FIX and Stutters FIX by N8VENTURES (The dude who made this compilation)

This isn't an original method, rather, it's a set of methods I did to re-optimize my game.

Okay, so the problem I was currently having was that PUBG crashes more and more due to low memory. There was even one time, the game crashed so hard, it logged me out of my computer.

First, I made a clean uninstall of my NVIDIA Driver using DDU. Download here: v17.0.7.9.exe

Then re-installed it back to VERSION 385.41 (I'll be updating my on which users find most beneficial. For now, this is a good starting point)

Second, I moved my PUBG game files to an 8GB USB 3.0 flashdrive (100MB/s speed max) so that buildings render faster. (This is advisable if you don't have a SSD yet)
Special Thanks to syzygy-xvii

Third, Since I had a fresh reinstall of my graphics driver, i have to re-do the NVIDIA Control Panel settings, as well as re-disabling the High DPI Scaling.
Special Thanks to MimicTMI, キmXoFF :} , & cjc2040

Fourth I re-assured my page file was set to custom and the minimum and maximum values were set to its recommended value. Anything higher or lower than that may cause problems to the game. (This is recommended to players who have 8GB RAM or lower)
Special Thanks to cjc2040

Lastly, to really benefit from the game, I use Razer Cortex to temporarily disable any running background programs to prevent any more issues/crashing. Download here:

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, hit me up on the comments section below.


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May 11, 2015
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PSA: List of blocked .ini variables by wifedoesnknowme (r/PUBGOptimization)

Just pulled these from the binary, there is a function that checks these and only these (and I assume in each case forces them to the appropriate value, but I didn't trace all the code).


The latest update added the recently abused: