The Voltes V: Legacy Cinematic Experience is coming to Japanese theaters

The Filipino live-action adaptation of the Japanese classic Voltes V mecha anime, Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience, is coming to Japanese theaters on October 18, with new added scenes not included in the Filipino version.


The Japanese animation studio Toei Animation announced that the Voltes V: Legacy will have its “Super Electromagnetic Edition" compilation film. The film has been re-edited, and several scenes have also been added.

According to the dedicated Japanese website for the Voltes V: Legacy Project, “the quality of the CG scenes, which were impeccable in the original, has been significantly improved through a full-length remastering process.”


The screenings of the film will include both the original Filipino audio with Japanese subtitles as well as a Japanese dub. Additionally, a "special edition" of the Voltes V: Legacy series will air on Tokyo MX this fall.

Toie will also release a new Blu-ray disc of the original Voltes V anime on September 11.

The live-action Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience project first had a theatrical screening run in April 2023 in the Philippines. This includes the film cut of the series' first three weeks.


The series then premiered on the GMA-7 channel in May 2023, starring Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Landicho as the five pilots of the Voltes V robot. It aired until September 2023 and is currently re-running on GMA-7 at 4:30 p.m.