‘The War of Genesis’ Has Returned to Mobile!


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Nov 21, 2018
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‘The War of Genesis’ Has Returned to Mobile!

‘The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria’ is a mobile strategy role playing game (SRPG), adapting settings from ‘The War of Genesis’ series, a legendary Korean RPG loved by their fans for over 20 years since first released in 1995.

In ‘The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria,’ players can command their own airship and gigantic combat machines called ‘machinas’ in battles against players from all around the world. There are over 80 heroes from the original series. Players can train and strategize their heroes against enemies and other players using various types of heroes.

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is released in Korea and is having an ongoing soft-launch in 11 other countries including Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, and Norway.

‘The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria’ has not only incorporated stories from the original series, but also added sub stories and custom stories. In custom stories, players can recreate their favorite scenes from the original series or be creative and make their own stories.

Main Story

‘The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria’ incorporated stories from the original series. The main story begins by introducing the Pandragon royal family, the main protagonists of the first and second series, who are trying to rebuild their lost kingdom. There are currently 6 acts released.

Sub Story

Sub stories include settings and details not explained in the main story and guides players to new content in the game.
Custom Story

Players can make their own unique stories.

The War of Genesis is a turn-based SRPG where players will carefully assemble allies that can consist of any hero from the main and sub stories or even the very monsters they do battle with. Thе gаmе also оffеrѕ соntrоl of аnсіеnt mасhіnаs (combat machines), which сould turn thе tіdе оf battles. Eасh hеrо іn thе раrtу bеnеfіtѕ from dіffеrеnt airships оr machinas аnd thеу аrе customizable to suit the рlауеr’s рlауѕtуlе. Building a team is not as easy as it seems since players can build teams not only based on heroes’ specialties but also based on heroes’ types, which make the game more interesting.

Aside from building teams, The War of Genesis gives each player their own airship that can move and explore the huge Antarian continent freely. This airship is the base camp where all research and upgrades for heroes and machinas take place in.

On top of that, players will be able to recruit G.S., Eiolin, Rashid, and Duran, and other heroes from The War of Genesis on their airship. There are currently over 80 heroes in The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria. All heroes in the game have one of 5 types: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. Each type has its own advantages, so players will have to strategize before commanding the heroes to battle.

Now this is what makes it more exciting - as you travel all of Antaria with your airship, it reveals the world map under the fog. There are 16 places you can go in Antaria. The airship has a variety of facilities such as the Radar, Forge, Laboratory, Resource Dock, Control Room, and many more. Each facility can be upgraded to provide benefits for you and the team.

Protective Deck - Form a defense team to protect the airship.
Forge - Craft gear for heroes and the airship.
Laboratory - Run all kinds of research in categories like Leadership, Battle, Resource, Hero Gear, and Airship Gear.
Resource Depot - Store and protect resources.
Radar - Detect information from approaching enemies and search for monsters and Dark Armor.
Hangar - Upgrade and research machinas.
Resource Dock – Collect resources.
Capsule Chamber - Earn Psi Energy from heroes placed in sleeping capsules.
Aedura System - Collect treasures to use various enchantments.
Archive Room - Watch stories.
Control Room - The most important facility in the airship. Use airship buffs, craft buffs and check hero rankings.
Trade Ship - Access the Private Shop, Stock Exchange and Bazaar’s Shop.

In The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria, players also use ‘machinas’ in battle.

Machinas can be upgraded and researched at the Hangar. Players can unlock machinas by raising their admiral level.

  • Machinas transport player's hero teams to the battlefield.
  • Players can only summon them once per battle to deliver a deadly blow.
  • 5 machinas become better as they are upgraded and researched.
All 5 machinas have unique qualities.

  1. Asura. Type: Fire. Machina Trait is Movement Speed +35%. It’s battle skill is Asura Incendiary Blast (Damages all enemies. Decrease the enemies’ DEF by 50% for 2 turns).
  2. El Gennaro. Type: Water. Machina Trait is Durability +35%. It’s battle skill is Photon Beam (Damages all enemies. Heal all allies’ HP by 20%).
  3. Janus. Type: Wind. Can be used at admiral Lv.15. Machina Trait is Crit DMG +10%. It’s battle skill is Janus’ Evil Eyes (Damages all enemies. Increase enemies’ debuffs by 1 turn).Arbalest. Type: Dark. Can be used at admiral Lv.25. Machina Trait is Capacity +20%. It’s battle skill is Lawless (Damages all enemies. Stuns the enemies for 1 turn at 35% chance).
  4. Alondite. Type: Light. Can be used at admiral Lv.35. Machina Trait is Machina Flares +20%. It’s battle skill is Enforce Justice (Damages all enemies. Delays the enemies’ turn by 1).
In The War of Genesis, players can prove themselves and be the strongest by participating in battle with other players in the following ways:


  • Kashumir Joust is a 4 on 4 combat system that allows users to virtually battle players from all servers.
  • Organize heroes for Kashumir Joust and obtain Honor Points by fending off enemies.
  • The replay feature allows players to review and share the battle for future strategic planning.
Test your strength and battle with other players. Prove that your team is the strongest!

Massive Guild War
Massive PVP Guild War in real time over territory
  • Guild vs NPC (PVE): By attacking Dark Armor, a hostile NPC that acts like real users, players can plunder resources and materials to upgrade hero skills.
  • Guild vs Guild (PvP): Active interaction between guild members is needed for tactical and time sensitive attacks and defense, especially when it involves multiple players.
Most of the time in The War of Genesis will be spent on exploring and deciding what to upgrade. Don’t use up all your time on coming up with which strategy will be best. Open up the map and look for new enemies, allies, and also resources. Collecting resources and battling will naturally reveal advantages to fend off attacks from enemies or other players.

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is released in Korea and is having an ongoing soft-launch in Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. For other countries, please download it through the link below.

Outer Link: https://goo.gl/b5oUbT
Google Play: https://goo.gl/GVpGw8