The Weirder the Better: 8 Strange Game That You Can Find on Android

What makes a video game beautiful? Is it because of its jaw-dropping graphics? Colorful characters? Fist-pumping soundtracks or interesting gameplay? Sometimes developer combines these factors to create a masterpiece but on the other hand, there are those who will go beyond the stretch of imaginations and instead turn their games into something that bizarre all for the sake of fun and good times (I guess haha).

Upon searching Google Play, I stumble upon some of the weirdest games that I have encountered for mobile platforms. But of course, being weird doesn’t mean they are not worth a try so go and see for yourself why weirdness can also be a key factor that makes a video game worth your time.


S.M.T.H or Send Me To Heaven looks like your typical run of the mill game upon seeing its interface. But you will be surprised that this game is so interactive and mind-blowing once the read the game instruction: throw your phone as high as you can and compare it with other players around the globe. Sounds crazy but believe it or not when you look on its world ranking, people seem to be hooked in the idea that some even went as far as 44.19 meters. I just hope they manage to catch their phone after going for that record though.


If you find the face of a common Blobfish a terrible source of endless laughter, then prepare for what’s to come in Blobfish Evolution where you will play as a mutant Blobfish (with a little bit of depression problem) and guide it as it gobble up other Blobfish in the ocean to make it climb its evolution ladder (take that Pokemon!). It’s fairly entertaining because you didn’t know what kind of evolution will happen next to it (grow a pair of legs? Become a bulky mass of muscle? A god or a devil?). And it’s quite satisfying to see your Blobfish kick first its prey before gobbling them up (not that I am sadist or anything).


Travel towards the infinite galaxy filled with a random and anonymous message from someone as lonely as you with Star Doge. It’s like 4chan trapped in a game minus the photos and image (which somehow oozes with coolness). Prepare to stumble upon lewd, funny and at times just plain weird messages from different people and go write your own in the middle of a far-flung galaxy. Who knows maybe someone will reply if you ask why you are still single for nearly three decades now (peace!).


As literal as its title, Pimple Popper will fulfill your fantasy of popping and scrubbing those pesky pimples and blackheads “digitally” in someone's face. Sounds cringe but I know many of us dream about that! Just be careful though because just one wrong move and you might ruin that zits instead of popping it nice and clean!


I am still wondering what’s on PewdDiePie’s mind as he joined Bulbware for this game. Perhaps a bowel problem I guess? But Poopdie is actually a solid dungeon crawler game with fancy to at times strange RPG elements that allows you to upgrade your poop (sorry for causing this a major stomach upset) as you crawl ‘literally’ like a worm with fart problems in wild, wacky and sometimes scary dungeons with minions and bosses to deal with. It’s a great game but don’t play while you are eating.


This game has a simple objective but with totally extreme mechanics: walk your character into the different areas with its dumb, wobbling legs. Avoid pavement cracks and collect items that you can equip to it. Very simple indeed and it offers a lot of challenges still. Yet I am still having a jarring feeling about your character’s permanent smile (even if its bones break a million times).


Picture this: a half-naked Darth Vader skateboarding along the rocky surface of the moon while chasing a truck whose passenger is a skeleton and a creepy playboy looking man on high speed. If this sounds weird, creepy but interesting then Strange Situation will help you create the wildest and bizarre scenario that no man nor aliens haven’t thought about yet. Your imagination is the limit (and maybe some of your sanity haha).


This one is a highly recommended weird games that somehow reminds me of Junji Ito’s work (minus the horror and gore elements). Side-scroller game where you will be playing a decapitated head (shocking!) and the only for you to move is by screaming to propel your heads on the air. You can even grow various kinds of heads (they will sprout as a fruit in a tree) through collecting souls along the game. An added bonus is that all of the heads have different looks and different sounds of screams. The graphic is overall very lovely and there is something awfully cool while watching those heads roll over and scream as the game progress (it’s weird, I know).

So there you are ladies and ‘gents! Check these weird games to your heart’s content. Comment down below what strange game did you encounter lately and don’t be ashamed to share your experience playing with it!