The Witcher 3 vs. MGS V: Phantom Pain

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by Macchiato14, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Macchiato14

    Newbie Gamer

    I know both games are not exactly comparable, expect for the fact that they're both open world of course, but I'm seeking for people who've already played both or someone who's just as curious as I am kung ano ba talaga ang dapat unahin. I'm currently playing Bloodborne and I'm about to finish it. Can someone out there help me for my next addiction? :D
  2. MakiMakulit

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    Team: Solo

    Currently playing MGSV here, I'd say its a good game. Solid ang action, its not your casual shoot ng shoot game. You have to decide wether you go loud or silent when you commence into either side mission or your main task, you have to pay attention in your environment, para hindi maging suspicious ang mga kalaban. Its partly tactical, RPG and a shooter. That is why its a solid action game for me.
    • WITCHER 3
    I have'nt played the W3 yet, but I did have sleepless nights with Witcher 2. If your a fan of hack and slash, rpg, plus R18 things then you will like it. Medyo mahirap intindihin yung magic system nia, you have to obtain the right tool, item or magic pra matalo mo ang kalaban. According to some rumors marami nang sumuko sa W3, kaya i never had my eyes on it.
    Overall pareho lang ang MGSV and W3 na magiging daan para magkaroon ka ng eye bags. Lol... Pero I must say I like PHANTOM PAIN, hands down.
  3. xero

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    havent played witcher 3 because i plan to play witcher 1 and 2 first not sure if thats advisable, finished MGS though love the game pero becomes quite repetitive towards the end
  4. Kenneth Mervin Enriquez

    Kenneth Mervin Enriquez
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    just played witcher 3 pag may di ako naiintindhan or character na di ko kilala sa wiki lang nila ako tumitingin haha.. Saka pinanuod ko yung summarize na kwento ng witcher 1 and 2 sa youtube and recommended na panuorin nyo muna to para maintindihan nyo yung story ng witcher 3.. Pero astig talaga witcher 3 , ako sobra tlaga akong fan ng Metal Gear pero mas pipiliin ko yung witcher 3 as game of the year kesa metal gear. Sobrang massive ng Witcher Every Quest or side quest iba yung result base sa mga decision mo sa game haha.
  5. taka

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    Team: Vatos Locos

    haha nice idea gnun narin lang gagawin ko havent played the game though
  6. Mookie

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    Team: A friend of a German based clan that plays SMITE

    MGS5, the maps aren't that huge compared to Witcher 3 and mostly dead areas.
    Withcer 3 however, is huge and every few steps will see some activities, it is though like a living map in it of itself.
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