The world of infinite possibilities MGCM Magical Girls has now officially launched in Android and iOS

Gae Mobile Limited’s maiden-themed RPG for mobile, MGCM Magical Girls, is now officially released. Work together with a group of magical girls to drive out the darkness that’s plaguing the city as well as defeat the demons who are wreaking havoc.


Players will be the protagonist in the story who will have to guide and fight beside the 12 magical girls. To do that, players must strengthen their bonds and help reach the full potential of the girls. Explore infinite possibilities along the journey with them.

The game has two modes: Automatic Battle Function and the Weekly Skip Function. This helps the daily gaming experience of players be fast and easy. A single-player mission called Demon Babel is where players will get to encounter strong enemies as they climb the tower. The Huge Devil Slaying [Purakufape] is where also players will get to discuss strategies with others on how to achieve the highest score.


A PvP mode called Survivor will allow players to utilize their best strategy to defeat others. Players can also take advantage of the Idle-Expedition quest named ”Unbelievable Discovery in the Outworld” to get awesome rewards without breaking a sweat. But if players want to challenge themselves, they could try the difficult “Fantasy Realm”.


MGCM Magical Girls is now available for download in Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Players can also check out the game’s official website. Enjoy!