There's Still A Huge Hope For This Game - Bless Unleashed CBT 2 Pre-Registration Has Begun PC 

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We've seen a good amount of success coming from the first CBT of Bless Unleashed PC last November. Round 8 Studio received a lot of comments and suggestions from their testers and it really did help to see which part of the game needs improvement. Now, they're gearing up for another Closed Beta Test and the pre-registration has already begun. The date of the test and the new set of pre-registration rewards were already revealed. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what the game has in store.


Let's talk about the present before we dig somewhere in the past. As you can see in the image above, the 2nd CBT will start next year on January 14th. The pre-registration started last December 3rd, 2020, and will last until January 10th, 2021. There's still time for you to register your email on their main site, which I'll provide down below, to join the 2nd CBT. Keys will be sent to the pre-registered emails starting January 5th. You'll have 8 to 9 days to download the client via launcher or Steam (Steam link down below).

Pre reg rewards.PNG

For those who pre-registered and will join the 2nd CBT, you'll get the Breaker of Games package wherein you'll get the Breaker of Games (Title), Golden Hyaenodon mount, 50,000 Star Seeds, and 200,000 Gold. The developers made sure that your efforts for making the game better are properly compensated.


Now, let's talk about the progress of the game's development. So far, the game is in good shape and the developers are doing a great job by listening to what the testers are saying. There are a lot of previous Bless players who are still in disbelief that the game was revived after that disastrous job from NEOWIZ. And, in fact, you'll still see them complaining on Bless Unleashed PC's official Facebook page.


That scammy experience was, somehow, a long time ago and what's currently happening in the current Bless Unleashed PC doesn't reflect what happened then. Round 8 Studio, along with their PC CBT and Xbox players, proved it along the way. Yesterday, the developers released the 2nd list of changes that will be implemented in the upcoming CBT. And according to their last message in Steam, there's still an incoming 3rd list of changes to be revealed. All of those are based on what the first CBT experience!


I'm truly glad to see such developers taking care of their community. And I'm, somehow, happy to see that even though NEOWIZ is still part of these changes as the game's publisher, it seems that they've reflected on their past mistakes from the previous Bless experience. Well, that's enough drama for now and let's wrap it all up!

All credits for the images and content I've used here belong to NEOWIZ and Round 8 Studio. Bless Unleashed may be a good alternative to Genshin Impact due to its open-world content. The game is expected to be officially released earlier next year, 2021. Until then, let's all hope that Bless Unleashed becomes great just as it was intended to be. The game is still in progress, so stay tuned for future updates!

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