These One Piece characters are too damn big LOL!

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    Well I have to say that not all the One Piece characters are tall. But they are too freakin’ huge!!
    imagine fighting with huge guys like this, giving the list of their height you will realize how big they are hahaha
    as you can see in the picture they were compared to a sumo wrestler , elephant , a giraffe and even a pole vaulting!

    image via,q_80,w_636/1328456966660381541.jpg

    Boa Hancock, for instance, is 191cm (6’3”)
    Dracule Mihawk is 198cm (6’6”).
    Crocodile, who clocks in at 253cm (8’3”)
    Jinbe, who measures 301cm (9’8”).
    Donquixoute DoFlamingo is 305 cm (10’0”)
    Kuma is 686cm (22’6”)
    Gekko Moriah is 692cm (22’7”)

    source via
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