Thetan Arena: Game Overview, Heroes gTHC Battles and Hero Upgrade

Thetan Arena is an e-sport game based on blockchain technology. Gather your friends and form a team to battle with others and earn token rewards with your skills. Thetan Arena’s gameplay revolves around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. There are various game modes that you can enjoy such as MOBA and battle royale that come with monthly updates and awesome rewards.


Equip your heroes with a large selection of hundreds of weapons and make sure that you have a good tactic planned because once the starship drops you off on the battlefield, the most fierce war you have ever seen is what awaits you.

Depending on the rarity of heroes and skins, heroes in Thetan Arena have different gTHC Battles and Daily gTHC Battles.
  • gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC
  • Daily gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC in a day
thetan arena gthc.png

Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes as it is essential to receive great benefits including increased strength and gTHC Battles.

Heroes' upgrading benefits:
  • Increase hero stats by +1.5% at each level
  • Increase gTHC Battles and Win bonus

thetan arena hero upgrade.png

Upgrading heroes requires power points and gTHG by hero rarity.

NOTE: gTHG price fluctuates with floating THC/THG exchange rate. The price shown in the table below is based on the sample exchange rate of 0.017

thetan arena cost upgrades.png