Thetan Arena's Game modes: Battle Royale, Tower Siege, Super Star, Death Match, Custom Battle

Play-to-earn game Thetan Arena's gameplay revolves around utilizing the combination of your own skills and how well you play with your teammates. You can get better by challenging yourself and trying out the different game modes Thetan Arena has to offer, from MOBA to Battle Royale.


Thetan Arena has five different game modes, each of them uniquely different from each other:
  1. Battle Royale (Solo/Duo)
  2. Tower Siege
  3. Super Star
  4. Deathmatch
  5. Custom Battle

Battle Royale (Solo/Duo)​

Just like any other battle royale game mode, players will be fighting against each other, either solo or as a team of two, and try their best to survive to become the last man/duo standing. The battleground will have 12 players where short after, a ring-shaped borderline will appear and trap everyone inside. As time passes, the ring will slowly close in and players who get caught outside will be eliminated. The mission of the game mode is the same for all players: Destroy the supply boxes to gain extra power points and eliminate others to be the last one standing.
  • Number of players: 12 players
  • Time limit: 4 minutes

Tower Siege​

This game mode will feature 8 players which will then be divided into two teams. In order to win, each team must be able to bring down their opponent's towers. Players will also get to collect loots like Battery which will be needed to summon the Siege Robot. Towers will only receive significant damage once the Siege Robot reaches the tower. The winner will be determined when either one of the towers get taken down. If the clock winds down to zero and neither tower has been destroyed, the team with the more healthier tower wins.
  • Number of players: 8 players
  • Time limit: 5 minutes

Super Star​

Players will join the battlefield and fight to try to own the Super Star. The "mother" Superstar generates Point Stars, which are worth match points to the team that collects them. The team with the most match points will be declared the winner. If a team has more than 50 match points than its opponent, it will be declared the winner immediately.
  • Number of players: 8 players
  • Time limit: 4 minutes


The main mission of this game mode is for all players to eliminate other players as much as possible. The one with the most elimination points by the time the clock runs down will be declared the winner. However, if a single players has more than 25 elimination points even before the clock times out, the game will immediately end and he will be declared as the winner.
  • Number of players: 8 players
  • Time limit: 3 minutes

Custom Battle​

If you want play with your friends, this is the game mode for you. You can create a custom battle and and invite them to play together. The game mode will be chosen be the host or the one who creates the custom game. Game modes will be chosen among available possibilities, as well as the map. The host will also be able to decide the number of players who can join the battlefield.
  • Number of players: Customizable
  • Time limit: Depends on the chosen game mode


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