Thetan Arena’s Heroes: Tank, Assassin, and Marksman

In Thetan Arena, its Heroes are categorized into three groups according to their signature skills and unique statistics, these are Tank, Marksman, and Assassin.

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There are two different kinds of Level attributes: Hero Level and In-game Hero Level. Hero Level is what represents the base attributes of heroes before joining the playground but when they enter the battlefield, heroes’ attributes will be at In-game Level 1 which can be leveled up to Level 10.

There are two elements that you can use to determine the rarity of a hero, it is the base rarity and skin rarity. Heroes with the highest rarity will have more unique playstyles, abilities, and will have more chances to get bonuses in battle rewards. These are the three levels of base rarity:
  • Common Hero
  • Epic Hero
  • Legendary Hero.
For Skin Rarity, it is determined by the frequency of the skin in the selling pool. The rarer the cosmetic, the better it looks like with more visual effects and bonuses in battle rewards. These are the three levels of skin rarity:
  • Default Skin
  • Rare Skin
  • Mythical Skin
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Tank heroes are the frontlines in the battlefield. They’re the first ones who will face the enemies to prevent their teammates from receiving damages.

Basic Attributes:
  • Health Point: High
  • Attack Damage: Normal
  • Speed: Slow
The Tank heroes consist of Veinka, Errant Ghost, Breaker, Lucy Muffy, Meiko, and Kongkey.



True to their name, Assassin heroes are deadly and silent killers who can engage in a fight, eliminate the target in a single hit, and retreat without being noticed.

Basic Attributes:
  • Health Point: Low
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Speed: High
The Assassin heroes consist of Raidon, Serp, Rei, Mortal, El Dragon, Velvet, Mary, and Taekwon.



Marksman heroes are the main damage dealers in the battlefield and they are also responsible for maintaining the DPS amount during the fight.

Basic Attributes:
  • Health Point: Normal
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Speed: Normal
The Marksman heroes consist of Morrod, Cluster, Steelshot, Destroid, Benjamin, Shanna, Phoenix, BigPapa, Durass, Culien, and Bathos.