Thetan Arena's Ranking, Leaderboard, Battlepass and Guild Systems

Play-to-earn game Thetan Arena features a variety of in-game systems. Determine your rank, find your self among the leaderboards, complete the game's battle pass, and join guilds!



The Ranking is a system that ranks players based on the trophies they earn during matches. The goal is to form groups of players with similar skill levels in order to have high-quality battles. The Ranking also assists others in recognizing the accomplishments of top players. The system is comprised of 11 ranks, with each requiring a certain number of trophies to advance to the next. Each rank will be divided into many small tiers, making it easier for players to keep track of their progress. It also improves classification for match-matching.

Every day, the top 20 Champion level players will be promoted to Super Champion status. Players at this level will receive exclusive items for the Super Champion rank and will be recognized on the leaderboard for 24 hours.


In order to rank up, players will engage in battles and earn trophies based on the outcomes of those battles. When a player accumulates a certain number of trophies, he or she will be promoted to the next level. ‌However, the hero's rank limit is determined by the rarity of the hero and the skin used by the hero.

Ranking Reset​

One season lasts for 3 months, and at the beginning of a new season, all of the players' rankings will be reset automatically. The goal of this reset process is to provide higher-ranked players with more incentive to continue ranking up at the start of the new season. Furthermore, players at lower ranks have the opportunity to advance to higher ranks.

The reset will abide by these rules:
  • Players from the Platinum rank and above will reset to the beginning of the Platinum rank (Tier 5).
  • Players with ranks below the Platinum will not be reset.

Ranking Rewards​

The process of ranking up allows players to earn a variety of valuable rewards such as Thetan Coin, Power Points, Heroes, and others. The greater the value of the rewards, the higher the order. The rank reset at the start of the season also resets the rewards from Platinum Tier-5 and above, giving players more chances to receive more rewards.

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The Leaderboard is a system in which players in the game are ranked based on their achievements. Leaderboards encourage player competition and create exciting challenges that force them to work hard to overcome. It is divided into several categories to provide players with a variety of challenges to overcome. Players can change and view their ranks according to the leaderboard categories at any time.


  • Trophy Leaderboard: rank players based on total trophies.
  • Victory Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of wins.
  • Streak Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of consecutive winning streaks.
  • Hero Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of heroes they own.
  • Guild Leaderboard: Guild ranking based on each Guild's Guild Trophy.
  • MVP Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of MVPs achieved in matches.
  • Triple Kill Leaderboard: ranks players based on the number of times they hit Triple Kill in matches.
  • Mega Kill Leaderboard: ranks players based on the number of Mega Kills achieved in matches. ‌
Except for Trophy Leaderboard, all other Leaderboards will also reset at the start of a new Season. The goal is to equally divide the opportunity to compete for the top ranks for new and old players.

Battle Pass​

Each Season's main reward system is the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass offers many valuable rewards to players, allowing them to level up and achieve a higher Rank in the season. The Battle Pass, as the reward system representing a Season, will include Season-specific rewards such as new heroes, skins, avatars, and so on.

Battle pass banner.png

There are 60 Tiers in the Battle Pass. Each Tier requires a certain number of Season Points to pass and receive the Tier's rewards. Season Points can be earned by participating in Battles or by completing in-game quests. Each of these tier will also be divided into two types of reward:
  • Normal rewards: normal rewards, average amount, and not much variety
  • Premium rewards: premium rewards, large quantity, variety, and special rewards.

Battle Pass Reset​

At the start of each new season, the player's Battle Pass progress will be reset to 0, and the Battle Pass reward will be adjusted to reflect the season's characteristics.


Guilds are groups formed by the players. With quests that require the efforts of all members to support the guild's growth and collect valuable rewards, the guild assists in increasing the connection between the players. Guilds make the game more difficult by ranking races on a scale between different groups of players. ‌

How to Create and Join a Guild​

To form a Guild, a player must reach a certain level and pay a small fee. To improve the quality of Guild membership, players can set Guild membership requirements. Players can join any Guild as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for that guild. Players can also participate by being invited by guild members. ‌

Guild Levels​

Levels are assigned to guilds. The higher the Level, the more valuable the features become. The Guild requires a large number of Glory Points and other resources to level up, so all guild members must work hard to accumulate enough. The maximum number of Guild members is also determined by Guild Level. ‌

Guild Leaderboard​

Guilds will be ranked against one another based on the total number of Glory Points. The more difficult the members' work to earn Glory Points, the higher the Guild rank. To ensure fairness between the new Guild and the old Guild, the Guild Leaderboard will be reset at the start of each new season.

Main Features​

  • Guild Shop: exclusively for Guild members, selling special items only available here.
  • Guild Role: a positioning system for guild members, members with particular positions can receive additional benefits in collecting in-game resources
  • Guild Vault: the guild's asset store, members will contribute assets here to help the guild grow more.
  • Guild Quest: The core feature of the Guild. Every week, the Guild Quest system will generate many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards. Based on the volume of quests completed, members will receive various rewards. Guild Quest is also an essential source of Glory Points to level up the Guild.
  • Guild War: A feature that allows guilds to challenge each other. Their rank will be based on aggressive achievements. The guilds with the best achievements will receive many valuable rewards. (This feature is in development and released as soon as possible).