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Jul 14, 2018
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We have designed a unique skin for Fanny, which is mysterious but elegant. The conical hat with flowers decorated is a must for ancient female swordsman in China.

The purple strip adds to the mysterious atmosphere she creates, also makes her figure softer. The silk cape she wears further highlights her shape. With the feather of golden-leaf shape, Fanny is now a nimble fairy with a sword. Moreover, the skylark garment on her sword echoes with the name of this skin.

The skylark garment on her sword echoes with the name of this skin. And it's also a must for ancient Chinese swordsman.

The final 3D Model of Skylark. For your best visual experience.
  1. She dashes in as a swift assassin.
  2. She draws her sword and then waves it out, followed by the flying red silk that shows the energy in her movements. We aim to make her a skillful, yet elegant hero.
  3. The movement of dragging the silk strip is originated from Kung Fu movies.
  4. Her move with swords are super effecitve, wasting no moves at all.
  5. She dashes out of the battlefield after each kill using the silk strip. By this designing we aim to show that she always plans before she acts.
  6. The final dropdown adds to her strength. We aim to show that even girls with tender looking contain enormous power. The moves originated from traditional Kung Fu moves, in a bid to show her confidence, cruelty, disciplined and decisive personality.

Searching for the mysterious ancient battle techniques, Fanny once traveled into the mountains of the east.

After she had finally completed her training, she came back with a new look - Skylark.

The brand new Fanny Epic Skin is coming out in two weeks!