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Aug 7, 2018
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The most anticipated mobile MMORPG - Dragon Raja - has already started! We know that you guys are looking forward to the game and have plenty questions to ask. Here thus comes a brief FAQ session.

How to play Dragon Raja on emulator

Dragon Raja has been officially released on February 27!
After the game's official release, many players have reported to Triss that Dragon Raja is not running smoothly on their phones for the time being, and some players have some problems with using emulator on their computers.

Seeing so many players encounter difficulties, Triss was also very anxious, so here’s a tutorial about how to play Dragon Raja with emulator!
As we all know, Dragon Raja requires high-end devices to power up high performance. However, you can use a free Android emulator to play Dragon Raja on your PC. LDPlayer is committed to optimizing the PC gaming experience for mobile gamers, which makes it the best Android emulator for playing Dragon Raja on PC.

LDPlayer provides several powerful tools, like keymapping, multi-player, operation recorder, etc., taking your gameplay of Dragon Raja to the next level with powerful computers.

How to Download Dragon Raja on PC

The following will teach you how to install Dragon Raja on your computer.
Download ldplayer android emulator on pc:

Step 1: Download LDPlayer Android emulator on your desktop (Only Available on LDPlayer 3.0 for Now)

Step 2: Open LDPlayer and search for Dragon Raja (choose local install from LD Store or download from Google Play)

Step 3: Install Dragon Raja on LDPlayer

Step 4: Enjoy playing Dragon Raja on your PC freely

It ’s exciting to play Dragon Raja on PC now. Before you jump into this open world, you might want to learn all the characters and know the best classes of Dragon Raja you should choose.

Fight in Dragon Raja

In Dragon Raja, you will play as a selected character to fight against dragons. Every combat is in real-time and you need to operate your character to release skills or avoid attacks. If you would like to play Dragon Raja on PC, you can set up your custom keymapping on LDPlayer, which makes you easier to control your actions with keyboard and mouse.

PVP and PVE are the primary combat systems in Dragon Raja, providing traditional MMORPG combat mode and on-hook service. Generally, you obtain game resources and improve character ratings through various dungeons of PVE gameplay. In the PVE system, you need to complete missions with your teammates, and different dungeons will produce unique rewards and resources to help you get stronger.

Maxing out the Settings for Dragon Raja PC
  • Low-configuration computer will make your gaming experience poor. You need to max out the settings for Dragon Raja PC. Therefore, you need to check your PC configuration through LDPlayer by clicking the "Diagnostic information" on the menu before you play Dragon Raja on PC.
  • Minimum System Requirements for LDPlayer
  • Intel or AMD CPU Processor x86 / x86_64
  • Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10
  • Windows DirectX 11 / Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0
  • Minimum 4GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Minimum 36GB of free hard disk space
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x / AMD-V) enabled in BIOS
Recommended Specification for LDPlayer
  • CPU: Intel i5 7500 and better
  • RAM: 8GB and above
  • Disk Space: Over 100GB
  • Graphics Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti and better
  • (For Dragon Raja, you might need to use more powerful gears)

Android Requirements for Dragon Raja
  • System version: Android 5.0 or above
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Free space in the system: at least 6 GB
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher

All in all, playing Dragon Raja on PC with LDPlayer would be the best choice. It is the best-optimized emulator for Dragon Raja. You can choose LDPlayer 3 virtualizing Android 5.1 to power up Dragon Raja on your PC. Now, feel free to download Dragon Raja on LDPlayer and start your adventure!

Tips from Triss

There are many Anecdotes Quests in Dragon Raja that require players to explore carefully. Such tasks cannot be automatically navigated. There is no detailed task introduction, which tests everyone's patience.

So Triss will bring some tips in the future to help you complete these Anecdotes Quest

About the Basketball Department leaflet:

1. Bring your Basketball Department leaflet (this item will be automatically obtained after Chapter 1 of Main Story), Find Tatsuhiko Kimura at Cassell College's basketball court on a sunny day (he is next to the basketball court, wearing a red basketball uniform)

2. After talking to him, you can participate in the intense and exciting basketball shooting! It’s required to drill 10 shots (10 shots are cumulative. For example, 8 successful shots today, two shots tomorrow, instead of making 10 shots in a row)

3. Many players will definitely want to know how to improve their rate of success, so let Triss give you some tips! When making the shots, stand in front of the basket, a little closer to the basket, and the parabolic drop point of the shot is placed directly above the basket. If you feel that the angle is not good while shooting, you can manually cancel it.

4. Triss recommends that you pick a basketball near the basketball court to practice (there’s no need to be nervous while making the shots)

5. Finally, you can go to Tatsuhiko Kimura to complete the task after burying 10 shots in total, you will get the blue Cassell Cager title; if you drill 50 shots in total, you will get the blue Elite Pitcher title; You can get the purple Ace pitcher title by making 100 shots. This title comes with the effect of DEX + 2.

FAQ about Bind Account and Change Password

I. How to create a new account or sign in your old account


After click Login, account panel appear, there is two options
  1. Connect Account: You can bind your account with your email address or other social media account.
  2. Switch Account: Sign in your old account or create a new account.

Bind or Sign in

In Connect Account panel, you can switch the button to BIND your GUEST account with one or more account. Of course our Archosaur Account included.

Bind account

If you already bound one accout with your guset account. You can also bind more account at here, or unbind any account. Caution: you cannot unbind the last account.

At least bind one account

In Switch Account panel, you can sign in your OLD account, or guest account (Not recommended, if you lose your guest account, we cannot provide any help. So please bind your guest account as soon as possible.)

Sign in your old account

Or you can register our Archosaur account, it’s very easy to have one.

Click Register or Sign in Directly

Register an Archosaur account

After you have an account, just sign in & start game.

Star game

Have fun in Dragon Raja!

Welcome to Dragon Raja!

II.How to BIND your account in game or CHANGE PASSWORD

First, find Setting button on main interface.


Then, click the User Center

User Center

Come to the user center panel, you can bind your account with your email address or change password.

User Center

Bind or change email address.

Bind or change your email address

Change your account password.

Change password

Q1: How to pre-register for Dragon Raja? What kind of gifts and awards I can get for pre-registration?
“You guys are able to pre-register in both Google Play and App Store. Just search “Dragon Raja” and finish the pre-registration. There are plenty of decent gifts waiting for you including much currency in-game and the exclusive title, you guys will receive these right after the game officially released as long as you finished pre-registration. Also, you guys are able to see the number of people who also register for the game in our official website. The link for official page can be found in our pinned post.”

Q2: Will the game release globally? In which language?
“Dragon Raja will release in Americas and EMEA (all regions) with 5 available languages: English, German, Russian and French and Simplified Chinese. Also, we will strive to provide the game with more languages for you guys in the future.”

Q3: When will the game officially launch?
“Now our devs and coders are speeding up the process of game test. What we could say here is that Dragon Raja will come out to see you very soon. It won’t keep you guys wait long.”

Q4: What unique features does Dragon Raja have as a mobile MMORPG?
“Dragon Raja is a fantastic mobile game developed by the industry-leading engine UE4 with stunning graphics. There is a grand and seamless open-world for players to freely explore. Also, gamer are not only able to customize their pretty character’s appearances but able to define their unique personalities. In addition, the creative system enables player to be whoever then wanna be and start their Second life in the game. Moreover, our powerful social system makes players are easily to make friends in the game and play together. Last but not least, four characteristic classes and various exquisite dungeons & battlefields would bring gamers with best PvE and PvP experience on the mobile. We will introduce these feature in detail to you guys later.”

Q5: The game looks fantastic but I am not familiar with it, how should I know more about Dragon Raja?
“We will continue to post various contents related to Dragon Raja on our FB Homepage in order to help you guys know better about our game. In addition, we will continuously updates other official communities such as Discord, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and so forth. Below are the links for our communities, please follow our communities so that you won’t miss the contents you are interested in.”

Dragon Raja Archive

In ancient times, all creatures in the world were once enslaved by a clan called the Dragon Raja. And the ultimate ruler of all was the Dark King, who has made the life of humans beyond miserable. To overthrow his domination, humans built a united front and fought against this almighty but evil existence. However, the Dark King was unbelievably powerful and puny humans had zero chance to compete with him. In order to gain more power, some humans tried to drink the Dragon Blood. The process was extremely painful and only the strongest ones could survive.

The survivors with the power of the Dragons have become – the Hybrids. From then on, the task of slaying Dragons has been engraved into their destiny.

After endless hardcore battles, humans have finally defeated the Dark King and put all the dragons into a deep slumber. According to the prophecy, however, the Dragon Raja will eventually wake up and try to dominate again.

To stop the awakening evil forces, young and talented Hybrids gather in the Cassell College to equip themselves with Hi-Tech and accept special training. Generation after generation, the fate of Dragon Slayer has been passed on in their bloodline. The war has never ended.

Together with other Hybrids, it’s time to start your own eventful journey of a Dragon Slayer.

Q&A of 1st “Face to Face with Dev” session

Q1: How will account link be made? It was difficult for me to make a character on CN version because I dont know about wechat.
A: There are lots of accounts to log in the game such as Fb, twitter, Google, VK, LINE, also guest mode is available.

Q2: Will we get the uncensored ver of the game? I notice some of the clothing is more covered up in CN and TW version.
A: Our GL version is uncensored version!

Q3: Now most modern MMOs suffers from downgrade of social interactions between players, by offering the ability to play solo and go throughout most of contents alone, auto-play functions that works on strictly active social parts of game like PVP/GVG/FVF etc. Such as these elements results in a declining player-base on a faster rate which ultimately forces most players to quit. In which way the lead team hopes to prevent this and increase the expected game lifespan for all us fans and potential players to enjoy the game as long as possible?
A: For social elements you mention here, we have them all in the game. For example, we have 20 people PVP mode. These contents in game need people to interact with each other to achieve game progression rather than playing alone. Our different communities also will hold lots of events to keep you guys active.

Q4: Do we need to buy a lot of equipment with real money?
A: No, you don’t need to pay really money to get equipment. You basically get them by attending PVE and daily quests.

Q5: Is Dragon Raja will available in SEA Region? If it is, when it will be? Also, will your team handle the SEA version too?
A: SEA version will come out after GL version. And we will handle SEA version as well.

Q6: Where did the inspiration for this game come from?
A: The inspiration comes from a novel that written by a Chinese writer.

Q7: I'm loving the lore and story. Will we be getting more background lore on the classes? Like where they come from? The first ones? And how they get their abilities? (Esp. soul-dancer)
A: Our team will keep updating and releasing more info about background lore and so forth.

Q8: Is it true you can romance NPCs?
A: Pretty much like that, you guys can have affinity with NPCs.

Q9: Are our chars descendants of the human dragon hybrids? So will that means we are human dragon hybrids?
A: Yep, you guys are hybrids!

Q10: Can we have dancing party with friends?
A: Yes, you can. You will have ball in the game and you are able to dance with your friends.

Ten question above are the focused questions that came from our 1st “Face to Face with Dev” session. Hope this post will be helpful for you guys. Also, if you guys wanna have another session with our Dev or ask more questions, feel free to leave comment below!