Things to know before playing Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Jul 24, 2018
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Stamina or Fatigue System
  • Ragnarok M Eternal love will now have a stamina or fatigue system
  • This can be used for leveling and grinding
  • You gain 300 mins of Stamina per day which can stack up to 960 mins
  • If you died in a party, the stamina will still decrease regardless
  • Honestly, this should be removed as you know Ragnarok Players love to grind and avoid pay to win scenarios


  • Quests in the game are marked in 3 colors
  • Blue for Daily quests, Red for main quest and Green for side quests
  • These quests give lots of exp so don't miss out on them

No Servers just Channels

  • Ragnarok M does not use servers instead there are channels
  • If you want to switch channels you can go to Izlude near the field in Prontera
  • It is free to change channels for the first time you will have to pay on subsequent changes
  • Note you won't be able to hit any Mini-Boss or MVP within 2 hours after switching a channel


  • Cooking is a now a thing on Ragnarok M as dishes provide character buffs
  • You can start cooking by finished the quest located in he North part of Prontera just outside the castle
  • You can check the cooking ingredients on the food association room
  • Whenever you cook the cooking skill gains experience, upon leveling up more dishes will appear
  • You can also earn recipes by adventuring

Rift Fixing
  • Ragnarok M also has daily quests called Rifts
  • Upon doing this daily quest you can earn exp, zeny, and even get rare equipment
  • If you intend to go to a party make sure the party leader has finished the solo mode otherwise it won't appear on the map
  • You can do 5 firsts per day

  • Like the classic RO, the mobile version has an in-game Market where you can purchase equipment or items via Zenny
  • Each players can sell up to 8 items which can last for 24 hours
  • The game will also have flash sales with red timers which are sold randomly, zeny will be refunded if you fail to buy the flash sale item

Gacha System
  • Ragnarok M has a gacha system for headgear gear, and cards
  • In order to get gatch items you will need to purchase Big Cat Coins via app purchase, this is real money or use blue and orange tickets which you can get by doing daily tasks
  • Gacha items have exp boosts with some OP stats
  • This items also change every season with event-themed skins

  • You can hire Mercenaries called Cat Mercenaries to help you
  • Cats hired have a hire fee and duration
  • Each Cat Mercenary have their own specialties as some can heal and other can do damage

  • Like typical MMO Ragnarok Mobile has crafting system
  • You can unlock crafting gears by finishing bard quests in every city
  • You can get recipes from an NPC called Ms Smile while some headgears come from recipes obtained from monster drops
  • Note that some recipes can only be unlocked be certain jobs

  • If you screw up on your characters stats the game offers a way to reset them
  • You can purchase the reset stick or reset stones which can be obtained as quest rewards

Equipment Slotting
  • In Ragnarok M you need to to specific NPC’s to have your equipment slotted
  • You can go on the top left of Geffen for weapon, off-hand and armor
  • Middle left of Payon for accessories
  • And Top right of Morroc for footgear and garments

  • You will have pets in the game
  • You can let pets to do tasks called Pet Shuttle and to get rewards
  • Note that no stamin will be used
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