This guy hate pinoy Dota players


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Nov 3, 2014
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Upon browsing about pinoy dota players i saw this on dota's dev forum

Playing in the South East Asian dota2 server, I encountered all sorts of people but if you ever played in the SEA server at least for a short period of time, you'll know which kind of people are the most troublesome.
The pinoys. Yup. Everyone knows that. It's like a public secret. You'll start to lose your mood to play the moment you get matched with them. You'll probably notice when they start to blabber all that gibberish talk, saying stuff like "bobo", "tanga", or "****** ina"(which is all swear words of course).

In this short article I will try to share my tips and tricks on how to dodge them to reduce your hardships when playing with them and you can start to enjoy the game better.

One of the tricks i use is to play at certain hours. I had the honor to talk to one of the good pinoys in game. At the game i was the only non-pinoy player and i had a great opportunity to witness them quarreling to each other and basically saying shit to each other, when i decided to speak up and address my own problem with their kind as well. Turns out this one guy condemns his fellow kind's act. He told me in english that in the philippines, there are a lot of people from the lower class(uneducated) playing dota2 in cyber cafes, not to exclude the other pinoy jackasses. Time is pretty similar in the south east asia region. So try to play when the kids and noobs are asleep.

Choosing the language filter. When english is easily the best gateway to do verbal communication, many pinoys fails to comprehend the importance of communication in order to win, or at least, have a good game(probably because of the poor level of education, pinoys are not trained to use their brain for critical thinking and have a fucking common sense). When playing at dangerous hours(read: when a lot of pinoys are online) untick english from the language filter. Most pinoys will have english chosen for their language preference(they are basically america's colony) but they will fail to communicate in english as they will use tagalog! Why does this method work? Trust me it does. Filipinos are probably 50% of the people playing in the SEA region theirselves. What a bunch of tryhards.

Run a background check of the people in your team. Right click their names and open their steam profiles. When you see the philippine flag, disconnect and get the fuck out. It's way better then losing a bad game because of feeders and ruiners. Game doesnt count if someone disconnects before first blood anyways.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, and you do have to play with a pinoy in your team :

1st of all, you have to identify the problems. What are the main reasons that when you play with the pinoys the game is super hard?
-They cant cooperate. One of the typical pinoy characteristics is that they have a pretty big ego. Most of the pinoys i encountered are playing dota for the kills, kills, and kills. Fuck teamwork and assists.
-be the sane person in the team. Most of the pinoy noobs will pick carries, not caring about team composition and the enemy's draft. They dont care! YOLO! Just pick supporters. Or initiators. Or whatever. Try to support them and hopefully with great support they can play their roles right.
-english. Try to be nice to them and hopefully with a nice and polite approach, the pinoys will respond to your inquiries in goddam simple english. These fuckers are trained by the americans to speak it and it's fucking time for them to utilize it!

Bear with me my fellow non-pinoy SEA server players. We cant switch regions due to high latency but yet sometimes playing in the SEA region can be so hard because of "them"
While valve has been doing a great job so far, one can only imagine later they would build a dedicated server just to keep the pinoys to theirselves, making them unable to cause chaos, havoc, and misfortune for others.

Pinoy casts (SwearWords)
Pinoy casts (Rot)
Silencer casts (GlobalSilence)
Pinoy just killed himself!

If only that's real. One can only imagine.
I welcome any contributions to the cause. You know what cause. Let me know if you have other tricks to avoid the ******.


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Mar 30, 2016
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We all have to agree that most pinoy gamers are arrogant and cocky.But after is not just Filipinos who are the problem but also Indonesians that can't even speak basic english words.I'm not being a racist here but these Indo guys really reaches my temper.They claim that Filipino is an alien language not knowing that their language is also alien with those "wkwkwkkwkwwk" expressions that doesn't make sense because obviously you cant pronounce that by your mouth.Screaming and swearing in cyber cafes has been a habit especially on LAN-lobby games.But I hate my friends who thinks they are playing crossfire trying to trashtalk to the opposing team instead of their own team.I admit,I am a peenoise but I never swear on LAN games.