Three New "Ragnarok Online" Games is coming this second half of 2023 as announced by Gravity

Not just one, but three brand-new games set in the renowned "Ragnarok Online" universe have been revealed by Gravity Co., a multinational game developer. These video games, currently called as "Ragnarok Symphony Titles," will provide unique gameplay while still adhering to the cherished IP.


Ragnarok V: Resurrection​

Players will be able to play the cross-platform MMORPG Ragnarok V: Resurrection on both PCs and mobile devices. Gravity Neo Cyan, a Gravity subsidiary that also publishes the game, developed it. The game, which follows "Ragnarok Valkyrie's Rebellion," has stunning graphics. Various game types are available for players to select from depending on their preferences. A domestic closed beta test for the game is currently being prepared for August 2023.



The second upcoming title is RAGNAROK 20 HEROES, an old-fashioned RPG with action-packed fights in an intuitive hack-and-slash manner. Twenty character classes, divided into four occupational groups (prosecutor, thief, wizard, and merchant), are available to players. In order to obtain benefits, you can also establish a knights group with many characters. Along with PvE and PvP gameplay, RAGNAROK 20 HEROES features a collection system where you can gather items like cards, outfits, and equipment. The game is supported domestically by Gravity Neocyon, a subsidiary of Gravity. In August 2023, pre-registration and CBT for the game will be available.


Ragnarok Begins​

The third upcoming title is Ragnarok Begins, a multi-platform side-scrolling arcade MMORPG that is centered on the charming design unique to the Ragnarok IP. Regional qualities and vital components were reinterpreted to suit the side-scrolling play environment so that players are hooked up to enjoy the game to its fullest. Currently in closed beta testing for the international release, the game is playable in the US and Canada.


Head of Gravity’s Korean Business Group, Jung Il-tae, said that “These three ‘Ragnarok’ titles are like symphonies, harmoniously blending diverse personalities to captivate players.” With the release of this information, the countdown to adventure begins, and RPG fans around the world prepare for an enthralling and exciting return to the world of Ragnarok. Visit the official Ragnarok website to learn more about the release of these games later this year. Watch this space for updates and get ready for a gaming symphony!