Three people have been imprisoned by Genshin Impact for creating illegal cheats and hacks

Three people were convicted in 2021 for developing a cheat that exploited the game's system.


The popular HoYoverse Genshin Impact RPG is also open to crafting cheating that explores the game mechanics. Because it is a game with most features aimed at a single player, news about bans related to the game is uncommon. Even so, HoYoverse is taking the problem seriously, and three people were sentenced to prison this week for trying to sell one cheat that allowed them to obtain in-game items.

The creators of the cheat appear to have sold over 40k access keys for their software, earning an illegal income of approximately $300,000. According to a recent Reddit thread on the subject, the person most responsible for the cheating received a four-year prison sentence as well as a $50,000 fine.


In addition to jail time and a fine, Chinese portals report that they returned to HoYoverse all proceeds from illegally selling cheats. The four-year sentence is quite severe, and this appears to be the first instance of creating a cheat with such grave repercussions. Something remarkable, especially considering Genshin Impact is a gacha game with a limited multiplayer scenario.