Tier One Entertainment Women Empowerment is BS according to Nico David here is why


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Jun 15, 2018
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So what is Tier One Entertainment Women Empowerment?

We're excited to be a part of Facebook Gaming's initiative to empower women in gaming. We'll be working with Facebook to bring you special streams, showmatches, and talks from industry trailblazers.

The #ForTheWomen campaign aims to improve diversity and inclusion within the gaming industry by driving meaningful cultural and behavioral change.

Throughout the month of November, we’ll be celebrating the amazing women in this space, sharing their experience and insights to the community and inspiring the next generation.

Our first major event under Facebook Gaming's #ForTheWomen initiative is a streaming marathon of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! The following ladies will be streaming the game from November 6-8:
  • Dexie Diaz
  • Biancake
  • Kristine Santamena
  • Cherizawa
  • Lhea Bernardino
  • QueenWrecker Gaming
  • Laraaaaa
  • CHYSE Wonderland
  • Frincess
Watch their streams for a chance to win codes for permanent skins! Who are you most excited to watch?

So why is it BS? Let see what Nico David has to say

Real Talk lang.

ang totoong rason kung bakit medyo bullsh*t yung women empowement movement ng Tier One Entertainment.

Just well over a year ago, my friend Bianca Yao was harassed by a social media influencer for wearing a sando..

Tinawag siyang "pok-pok", "****" and all those horrible things that She did not deserve miske sabhin mong nagpapasexy siya.

There is thin line between LIBEL and CRITICISM and calling someone a whore online doesn't constitute as fair commentary in book.

Alam mo yun----ito ung time na pwede pwede nilang itatag ang bandera na kababaihan laban sa isang LALAKING BASTOS.



nag post lang sa facebook.
tapos yun na yun.

nakita ko kung paano mag break down si Bianca sa mga panahon na yun. I even resigned doon sa podcast nila sa amplify kasi gusto kong PATULAN yung LIBAG na social media influencer na yun..

wala lang. andun pa ako sa group chat nila..

they did not file a case.
at least diba?

kung sinapulan nila yung tao na yun.
baka maiba yun takbo ng parerespeto ng babae dito sa social media.

Yo, Tryke Gutierrez minsan sasali ka sa mga mhiihrap na issue dati kasi sali ka ng sali doon sa mdadali at magugusthan ka ng tao..

dapat sa mga ganito sali ka.

if ever you are wondering Tryke is the one being alluded in those post.

It would be funny if you sue me for libel and you did absolutely nothing for bianca nung siya ung hinhanaraass.


Real Talk lang 2

In case you were wondering si Tryke yung pinapatamaan ng mga streamers/influencers.
Hanapin nyo nalang ung post about sa GULONG.

I have personal knowledge of what had transpire pero hindi ko na para i-share sa inyo yun kasi I could be in legal trouble (again).

But then again, Tier 1 has a bad track record of protecting their talents from harassment.

Like kay Bianca, remember kung ano ginawa ni MG sa kanya last year...?
ito: https://youtu.be/2Wh1dZ1l33Q

Sad nuh?

Dunno how much hate I will get from this...pero ganun talaga..someone has to REAL TALK about it.

Now, Tryke has so much allegations about him..sympre hindi nya sasagutin yan kasi hindi naman siya LEGALLY compelled para sumagot sa ganun.

so, as a friend nalang siguro nya susuporthan ko nalang ung mga ka-shittan nya dito sa internet....


Women Empowerment din yan. laro-laro sabagay lagay ng pink sa profile pic.

Ill try to update more once thare are more details but what are your opinions in this matter? who si right and who is clearly wrong? but whoever wins Biancake seems to be the victim here


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Jun 15, 2018
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Update: Tryke Gutierrez responds

I'm sorry if you feel like this. Like I always say we are a work in progress and admittedly I have things I could have done better in the past but I don't think that should stop us from taking steps to become better. Alam ko yung point mo na dapat ganito nga yung ginawa namin before and I probably have more than a thousand things na pwede naming nagawa na mas better dati. Through the years we have strived to become better as we grow, we are a different company now from before, we have a bigger and more experienced team. We added people to our departments from talent managent, finance, legal to hr and we're continously improving our infrastracture and our processes but there's still a lot of room for improvement regardless. I know that there are a lot of things we can improve on before but rather than dwelling in the past, I'm at a point where I choose to spend my energy on improving the present to make sure that we have a better future. On the other private matters that are going around I won't choose to address these publicly but rather privately. Pagdating naman sa kaso ni Bianca we will support her 100% but that's not just our decision its hers as well.

More details

So real talk lang tayo ulet,

Tryke Gutierrez thank you so much sa conversation natin kanina....

Yes, He called me just now. pero hindi ko naman para tangalin yung mga post ko about sa tier 1...

This is literally how they solved the MG issue last year..
wag nalang daw pansinin..

Their biggest streamer, biancake, left to be attacked and bashed...relentlessly...

nakaktawa noh, naunahan pa kayong mag demanda

and yet, when chupagetti made a joke when Ariel garcia had an issue...inalis agad...

tapos may allegations ung mga talents like taylor sa iyo, gulong, you ignore them.

Where is the women's empowerment dito?

Tol Tryke, hindi ka compelled sumagot sa social media. I understand. Rights mo yan.
Pero I am not also compel to ignore your bullshit.

***dun sa nagsabi nito, please mag resign ka na tol....you are the biggest coward in social media.....it would be FUNNY kung ako ang dedemanda mo for LIBEL......dahil callout na toh..

pakita nyo sa tao, na INTREST nyo prinorrtekhan NYO. at hindi sa kababaihan.

Women empowerment my ass.



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May 11, 2015
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any update for this stupid drama? since no side is reliable one is doing it for the clout likes and clicks (it would be nice he gets sued though) while the other is just doing business and their talents probably wanted that attention from the first place