Time To Hunt - Pre-Registration For A New Mobile Co-op Monster-Hunting RPG Reached 150,000 iOS Android 

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I know, I know. The new Monster Hunter Rise title is taking a lot of attention right now after releasing its demo version. But, that's not what we're going to talk about. We're here for the ambitious work of 10 Heroes Studios to bring the thrill of monster-hunting to our mobile devices. Together with the known Chinese publisher, Bilibili Games, they produced Time To Hunt which is currently in the pre-registration stage in China. Well, let's take a dive into it.​


Just by looking at the elements of the first image, one can already deduce that they're either trying to copy Monster Hunter or merely sticking to what Monster Hunter has established as a monster-hunting game. What do you mean by that?

When somebody asks you for a cooperative monster-hunting game, it's safe to say that almost all of us will think first of the Monster Hunter title. Well, Dauntless fans may say Dauntless. But, there's no denying that the Monster Hunter IP is like the mother of this genre, right? There's one thing that separates Time To Hunt from its mother tho - mobile platform.

Early to present console fans loved how optimized Monster Hunter is in their devices. But, hey, have you ever wondered why some console games such as Monster Hunter aren't participating in the mobile porting race? Because, maybe, they're really meant and optimized to be played on console joysticks.

Now, I guess 10 Heroes Studios saw that missing opportunity and tried to create it. Well, you can play the PSP version of Monster Hunter in the PPSSPP emulator. But, it wasn't optimized for mobile controls since it requires a lot of control combinations which is hard for touchscreen. So, maybe that's the reason why Time To Hunt is born.

There are some screenshots of how it might look like and it seems that they've reduced the complexity of the controls into somewhat like a mobile RPG. The game has the core of 4-man co-op monster-hunting with the usual RPG element of having your own character and class. The design isn't as terrifying and barbaric as the Monster Hunter tho. But, it does remind me of another Chinese RPG that became a hit last year - GENSHIN IMPACT.

The vibe of being half cute and half adventurous is in it. And that's how Genshin and Time To Hunt look like to me. But, it's not a bad thing. Maybe this kind of style suits mobile screens rather than realistic and terrifying ones since cuteness and adventure work smoothly on our mobile devices. I just hope that what we're seeing in the images and ads right now are what the players will get.

The game is exclusive in China right now. But, the possibility of it going worldwide has a very high chance right now especially since it does hold a relative amount of innovation with it. Moving this kind of genre to mobile platforms seems really ambitious for me. It's a good alternative for those who don't have access to current consoles such as Switch. Plus, it already caught the interest of 150,000+ players in China alone.

If you'll look at the main site, which I'll provide down below, you'll see that the milestone bar for the pre-registration is already in half. But, as for the REAL goal, they're at the quarter or less of the overall goal which is currently set at 600,000. The milestone indicates 150,000, but a lot of time has already passed. We might see it reach the next goal of 300,000 soon.

If ever you used your secret powers to join the pre-registration and launching of the game in China, there are various rewards that await you. At the current milestone reached (150,000), you can already get a total of 2 Hunting Tickets, 5 Barbecue Dinner, 5 Octopus Set, and 450 Diamonds. As for the remaining milestone rewards, you'll get a total of 1 Novice Engraving, 1 Mystery Pet, and 800 Diamonds.

Well, that's a surprise. According to the description and rewards, it seems that Time To Hunt will have a house and pet system. But, we can't know for sure yet. Let's just wait for future clips or, better, for the global launch to actually experience the game for ourselves.

The UI seems to have followed Monster Hunter's format. I just hope that they don't get pursued by MH creators or it will be trouble. Overall, I say that the game has huge potential, especially in the mobile market. As for the credits, time to roll it. Bilibili and 10 Heroes Studios own the rights for the images and content used. We all hope for the success of your new game and may we see it in the global market soon.

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