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May 11, 2015
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Alpha is a Setter/Deleter machine in MLBB. He had Spellvamp, Stun and extra attack which makes him overpowered. So here's my own version of using Alpha.

I recommended to use Execute to him for extension of the combo but if you want to help team fights, push lanes or get/steal turtle and lord, use Retribution. It will be more useful if you upgrade it into blue ones for stacking armor and magic resist.

Here is my gear for my own version of Alpha.
  • Bloodlust Axe - For Spell Vamp, CD Reduction and a decent damage.
  • Hunter's Strike/Brute Force - it depends on the situation. If you want more toughness go with brute force but if you need damage, CD Reduc go for Hunter's Strike. Both of it has a unique passive of decaying movement speed.
  • Haas Claw - We all know that Haas Claw has a large amout of Life Steal so if you put it on Alpha, your low hp is not a problem along with spell vamp you will become a mecha vampire (just kidding xD).
  • Demon Hunter Sword - This one gives a decent attack speed, damage and life steal. You can early build the longsword + dagger for early damage and atk spd for Alpha.
  • Swift Boots - For additional atk spd and movement speed.
  • Optional Items - Well use this items depends on the situation or the enemy heroes.
  • Endless Battle - For additional Lifesteal, Damage Mana at Health.
  • Immortality - If you want to extend engaging in a clash. Lol
  • 7 Deadly Seas - This one is for anti-tank item coz every hit reduces armor to the enemy and make the squishy heroes more squishier.
    (Ano daw? Hahaha xD)
So for emblems use Jungle Emblem. Di porket pang jungle eh pang jungle na, ang maganda sa jungle emblem ay may movement speed, armor, mr, atk and atk spd na sya. Good na good for 1v1 and sa clash kung pitasan ang usapan. Good din sya kung gagawin mong semi tank or tank si Alpha para may early kunat na din

Common Physical - Kung trip mo puro damage then go for this one. Para to sa mga aggressive players.

  • Execute - Pang connect sa combo ni Alpha kung 1v1. Like this one. SS>2nd>1st then execute kung alanganin o malayo na pero kung abot pa sa range ni Alpha, ihit mo nalang.
  • Retribution - Kung mag setter kalang naman at magdadamage then pick this one. Just make sure na gagawin mong Blue yung Retribution para may stacking na armor at mr.
Sa gameplay, diskartihan nalang ang masasabi ko dyan kasi si Alpha ay flex na hero para saken so ang maipapayo ko lang is, tamang timing para mailand yung ss lalo na sa clash.

Kahit di mo na isakto sa ubod ng daming kalaban na kumpol.kahit 2 na kalaban basta mapapatay mo isa or yung dalawang nahuli ko good na yon. Then proceed kana sa pagpush.

Yun lang mga brad. Im not a good or skilled ones. I just want to share my own idea. Feel free to bash or sabihan nyo ng masama yung idea ko pero bago yun, subukan nyo na muna sya

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