Tips for comeback in AoV


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Jul 10, 2018
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Hey guys, just want to share 2 gameplay tips na tumulong sa amin mag comeback sa particular game na ito(read entire post if you can! It helps to win extra games with losing early game situations!). So explain ko muna ang situation namin early game. Solo offlaner ako sa game na to. BF tried invading enemy jungle early game and nakatrade 1-1. Then series of deaths followed, iniinsulto ang BF and ininsulto ako ng BF solely because of my early gane KDA(which was 0-4-1 at the time). Aced kami after a team fight, akala nila wala na pag-asa, then I suggested something na nakatulong sa comeback.

Tip #1. Never give up. Baog man o hindi, winnable pa din ang laro kahit mostly squishy composition ng team niyo. Just put your trust in your teammates and you can come back from even the worst situation.

Tip #2. When in a losing situation, don't stay for too long in one lane, and don't overextend too far beyond your towers. As much as possible, do not let your Marksmen/AD carries(or mages if the mage is a late game type) die too often so maabot nila ang late game power spike. Once naabot na nila ang power spike, do not, and I repeat. DO NOT LET THEM GO ALONE. They are the key to your comeback, so the entire team must go with them so that they will protect them because they are the key players.

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